In The End

Kathy Johnson is a talented girl, she can sing, dance, act, play guitar, play piano, write songs etc.. after meeting a boy - Harry Styles - she auditions for the X factor only to meet another boy - Niall Horan - and of cause the others in the band but Niall stands out to her. after the X factor she meets another boy - Luke Hemming's - but he is not the same. Who is the right boy for her and will she get everything she has dreamt about while making her choice? what will happen 'In The End'?


11. Goodbye

[I skipped a few weeks in the story]

"The Two acts in the bottom two are Cher Lloyd and Kathy Johnson" Those words said by Dermot O'Leary hit me hard. this could be the end. Me, Cher and Cheryl walked to centre stage joining Dermot. I was trying so hard not to burst into tears. "Seeing as it is the Semi-final we are not having a judges vote and are going by how many votes the act got from the viewers." I sighed inwardly, I was going home. Silence as we waited for the results. "The act going home tonight is..." I hated the dramatic pause, I told you I'm an impatient person, this was killing me. Finally he told us. "Kathy Johnson" I nodded, I knew it. I gave Cher a hug then gave Cheryl a hug who looked as if she was going to burst into tears to. Time went quickly after that. My time on the X Factor was shown in a video and I walked off stage, only to be met by Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn who were crying. Then it hit me. This was the end. I started to cry.


I had packed all my stuff, ready to leave. I hugged everyone, everyone was crying. we had all become close over time. The most emotional send off was from the One Direction boys. They hugged me Individually then gave me a group hug.

"I'll never forget you" Niall whispered in my ear. Why? Because I was moving to Australia to try and make it there. This was the last time I would see them all, maybe. When it was just me and Niall standing outside he cried more. "Please don't go, please..." He was begging me but my mind was made up.

"I'm sorry..." I was in tears as well.

"I thought you loved me, why are you leaving me?" I was never his girlfriend, he never asked. But we knew we loved each other.

"I... I don't want to fall in love..." That was the truth... Kind of. It's not that I didn't want to, it was because I was afraid to. I don't want to be heart broken when it all goes wrong. He looked Hurt.

"But..." was all he managed. I sighed and walked over to him staring into his now watery, blue eyes.

"Niall James Horan, I will always love you, don't every forget that." we leaned in and shared a passionate kiss. I pulled away and walked towards the car.

"Then stay, stay with me Kathy!" I heard the sadness in his voice. I almost changed my mind, almost.

"I'm sorry..." I said again and got in the car and the driver drove off. I felt so bad...

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