In The End

Kathy Johnson is a talented girl, she can sing, dance, act, play guitar, play piano, write songs etc.. after meeting a boy - Harry Styles - she auditions for the X factor only to meet another boy - Niall Horan - and of cause the others in the band but Niall stands out to her. after the X factor she meets another boy - Luke Hemming's - but he is not the same. Who is the right boy for her and will she get everything she has dreamt about while making her choice? what will happen 'In The End'?


18. Damn it!

I woke in the morning to Harry rocking me back and forth, I hate mornings!

"Good morning Dimplette!"

"Go away!" I throw my pillow over my head and rolled onto my tummy. I heard him laugh.

"It's 10am!" I removed the pillow from my head and lifted my head to see him.

"Really?" He nodded. "Wow I slept for a long time!" I rolled onto my back and picked up my phone. "28 missed calls, 17 new voicemails and 19 text messages all from Luke." I reported scrolling through the text messages. One stood out to me, it read:

'Look I'm sorry that I got angry and that but I know you and Niall Have history and I got jealous. Please forgive me x'

It was sent right before this was sent:

'Your such a slut I bet your sleeping with one of them One Direction boys right now!'

Such lovely texts to wake up to in the morning.

"Dimples can I borrow some clothes?" I asked using my puppy dog face. He laughed and nodded, pointing to his suitcase. "Thanks!" I walked over to it and started to search through it ending up with black skinny jeans, a white top and a checked shirt which I wore undone, yes it was baggy on my a little but oh well. Luckily I had packed some converse in my bag in case my heels hurt me so I wore them. I started to brush my hair with Harry's unused Brush, I don't know why he packs it. "Do you think I should call Luke, get it over and done with while he cant hurt me?"

"It's up to you." I bite my lip in concentration and tied my hair into a messy ponytail. Maybe I should phone him. I picked up my phone and dialled his number. He answered on the second ring.



"Where are you?"

"At a hotel, listen-"

"What hotel?"

"The one the boys are staying at but-"

"I'm on my way..."

"But!" He had already hung up. "Damn it!"

"What's up?" Harry asked from outside the room, he had just come back from making sure the others were awake.

"Luke's on his way!" Harry's eyes widened in panic.

"What do we do?"

"We cant do anything, I have to face him sooner or later." Both me and Harry were pacing back and forth, trying to calm down.

"Kathy!" Luke ran into the room and I stopped in my tracks.

"Luke..." I said not as enthusiastically.

"Which one did you sleep with was it Niall or was it Harry as he is the one in the same room as you I guess it was Harry!" Luke shouted at me in one breath, "Slut!" I wish he wouldn't call me that.

"I'm not a slut and I didn't sleep with anyone! I'm still a virgin! I'd never cheat on you anyway!" Luke's face fell. I didn't know why until it hit me. I cleared my throat. Now it was my turn to get angry. "You cheated on me didn't you?!" I shouted at him. He didn't reply. "Who with? was it Jade?" Jade was a girl I had gone to school with who had moved up here on her 16th birthday, I had never liked her and when she turned up at one of my shows she took a liking to Luke and all the other boys. She was the slut. I'd never liked her "Answer me!" He nodded and I  broke down in tears."

"Kathy I'm sorry..." He started to walk towards me. I shock my head.

"I think you better leave." Harry said pushing Luke towards the door.

"Kathy please..." I shock my head again. Liam and Louis turned up and Harry told them to make sure Luke gets out of the building. They nodded.

"That's the second time my relationship had ended due to cheating." I told Harry. I, of cause, was talking about me and Harry. He knew.

"Hey, I didn't cheat on you, it was a misunderstanding!" He said defensively.

"I thought you had though."

"True..." Harry nodded at me.

"Do the boys know... about it?" I was wondering that a bit earlier. He shock his head.

"I intend for it to stay that way to." He told me.

"Agreed..." I nodded "What an eventful morning." We both laughed.

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