In The End

Kathy Johnson is a talented girl, she can sing, dance, act, play guitar, play piano, write songs etc.. after meeting a boy - Harry Styles - she auditions for the X factor only to meet another boy - Niall Horan - and of cause the others in the band but Niall stands out to her. after the X factor she meets another boy - Luke Hemming's - but he is not the same. Who is the right boy for her and will she get everything she has dreamt about while making her choice? what will happen 'In The End'?


13. Can you dance?

Well in less than a month my album is ready to be released, with 16 tracks, 18 deluxe! My tour is being planned as we speak, a small one first, visiting all the county's in Australia and America. My schedule is busier than when I was on the X factor.


Photo shoots


My social life is non existent, I don't have one. its work, work, work. I'm not complaining though I love what I do. Today I'm being introduced to whom I am going on tour with, a band... Erm... 5 seconds of summer? Yes I think that's the name of the band. A band with four boys in it; Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michel. I waked through the door of the place I was meeting them with my Starbucks in hand, I stop dead in my tracks. Four gorgeous boys were siting on a sofa in the room.

"Kathy, these are the 5 seconds of summer boys." Sam told me placing her hand on my back. "This is Luke Hemming's..." She gestured with her free hand to a blonde-ish boy who smiled at me, I smiled back. "Calum Hood..." A black-ish haired boy "Ash-"

"Ashton Irwin, nice to meet you. big fan!" He jumped up giving me a hug with an infectious smile on his face. So cute.

"Thank you and nice to meet you to, I was listening to your song 'Try Hard' on the way here. It's good, I like it." I pulled away and smiled.

"And this is Michel Clifford." A boy with obviously dyed hair. he smiled and nodded at me. "They are going to be touring with you."

"Awesome!" I throw my fist in the air. "One this, can you dance?"

"If they cant, I know your going to teach them like you taught me, Brian and Amy!" Sam and I laughed at the memory. I had given them lessons until they could do a whole routine perfectly. What can I say? I love to dance!

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