Keira Lee in year 10 has had this crush on this boy since year 7. It's nearly been three years and he has talked to her a few times, but he doesn't know she likes him. Does she keep living her crushing life or does she get what she wants?


2. Class


I was sitting in Maths and Niall is in Maths with me. I was sitting there in my uniform with my glasses on and working. He turns around and smiled at me "Hey, um do you have a sharpener? I left mine at home" he asked. "Yeah, here you go" I gave him the sharpener and he then he handed it back when he was finished and thanked me. The bell went and I packed everything away and went out to lunch. 

"Oh my God, I can't believe you talked to him!" My friend screamed. 
"Shh.. Quiet down" I giggled. We talk about the most random things. Then all of a sudden i get a tap on the shoulder.. it was Niall! "Hey Keira" he smiled. 
"Hey Niall, Whats up?" I asked. "Um.. do you have the sheet for this weeks assignment?" He asked. "Uh yeah, why?" i answered. "I lost mine and I was wondering if I could borrow yours?" he asked. "Yeah alright, Umm... Here you go." I handed the sheet to him, he thanked me smiled and walked back to his friends.. Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis. They were all so cute. Niall was the only one in the group who had blonde hair. 


"Well, well, well.. isn't Queen Nerd!" Said Bianca. I hated this bitch. Thought she was on top of the world. No one really liked her. "What do you want, Queen Bitch?" I asked. She looked so pissed off. "I hope you know that me and Niall are going to the Year 10 formal together." She said then looked up at Niall and waved. He looked at her weirdly and awkwardly waved back. "Hah! And he said this when?" I asked her with a smirk on my face. She looked a little confused "Well.. he hasn't said it yet, but im sure he won't go with a nerd like you!" She said. I stood up, slammed my palm against the table. "At least I have a brain, unlike you barbie!" i yelled. Everyone looked over and then she put her hands against my chest and pushed me. I looked at her and ran at her, I tackled her on the floor and all I could feel was her pulling at me hair. I was punching her in the face, well trying to, I couldn't see, there was hair everywhere! I stood up with her shirt clenched in my fist, I pulled her up and she still had my hair! What is wrong with her? Does she want my hair or something! "Argh you bitch!" She screamed. I slammed her against the wall then I was getting pulled back by teachers. It was my favourite teacher.. Oh no. "Keira, What are you doing?!" Mrs. Lincoln asked. "She called me a nerd and pushed me!" I yelled. "Kill the bitch" Mrs. Lincoln said. She pushed me back in and we started going at it again. I punched her several times and her nose started bleeding. I nearly killed her. 

The rest of the day Niall kept smiling at me and putting the thumb up. I feel so proud.



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