Broken Without You

Emily is sure her life is hell. She is forced to live with her father who is abusive, and never has survived a day without physical punishment. Meanwhile, Louis from 1D is heart broken and depressed, so what will happen when the two meet up?



Emily's P.O.V

I kicked stray pebbles as I approached the front door to horror and pain, wondering if death hurt once again. The door creaked, signalling it was opening. I crept inside, maybe he's asleep? ""Get over here "My father slurred angrily. Great luck I have ,hey? I stumbled over to the devil himself, who has lounging lazily into a broken couch, with the stuffing pouring out. "Gimme drugs" he demanded, half asleep. "I.. I haven't got them..m" I stuttered. His eyes opened, and showed rage. I just made my death wish, I thought. "Heck yeah you have" my father yelled. He grabbed my hair, hauling me to the floor which was covered in dust and beer bottle remains. He stomped on my chest, winding me. I whimpered, silently begging him to stop. He went to a closet and pulled out a.. a whip! He lashed out at me, whipping hard and continuously. Then he pulled out a knife. Oh great, just what I need, some more bloody wounds. He approached me with a sickly grin spread across his horrid face. My own father, cut me literally everywhere, and I could feel blood loss was going to happen soon. "Hmm... You still need more decoration." he murmured. Suddenly I felt a crushing wait on top of my chest. I gasped for air, winded severely. I saw him punch, slap and kick me. BOOM, a heavy blow to my jaw, now it's probably broken. POw, three kicks to my battered stomach. Smack, a hard slap across my check along with yet another punch, this time to my forehead. My world started to spin as he carried me outside, and set me down... ON THE ROAD!? I knew my father was rotten, but not to this extent! A truck sped down the road, and screeched on the brakes when it saw my limp figure laying down. I groaned and slightly turned, to lessen the impact. It worked slightly. My world lost colours, and I couldn't see my father, as he apparently strapped me to a tree, in critical condition. The last thing I noted, was the devils supporters arriving to beat the final wisp of life from me...


Louis's P.O.V

I sniffled on the park bench, still letting her final words replay through my mind. " We're through, through, through" echoed throughout my mind. I stood up, my legs wobbling. How could she just me? I have the worst life in history.  I saw a black van pulled up, and immediately recognised it as the boys and I's. But, what caught my attention was a.. girl. I sprinted towards her, hoping it would be my ex. As she became more and more into my view of sight, I made out a battered figure. The boys were hot on my trail, getting closer and closer... Dang it! They caught up.

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