Broken Without You

Emily is sure her life is hell. She is forced to live with her father who is abusive, and never has survived a day without physical punishment. Meanwhile, Louis from 1D is heart broken and depressed, so what will happen when the two meet up?


1. Abused

Emily's P.O.V

" Get down here you filthy rat!" a horrid voice screeched from downstairs. I stumble out of bed, my tangled black curls clinging to my face. Not real glamorous, eh? But then, if your looking for glam you would never find it here. All you'd find is a scrawny 21 year old, abused with her father who despised her but loved alcohol. My life was spent being beaten, yelled at, and told how useless and pathetic I am. I raced down the creaking stairs, fearful of a punishment. I soon felt his dark, greedy eyes drill into my soul. I could've sworn my father was the devil, and actually, sometimes I am thoroughly convinced he is. "Finally, Princess Emily decided to show her puny face. What were you waiting for, a royal invitation?" he sneers, trying to get a reaction. He slapped me right across the face, leaving my face red and swollen. " Would've been nice" I murmur a little too  loudly. So of course the devil hears. Suddenly the devil grabbed an empty beer bottle and threw it with all his might towards my face. I covered my eyes, and the beer bottle shattered all over me, leaving shards of glass stuck in my purpley- pale skin. Blood cascaded from my face, pouring litres out by the second. I saw black swirls, and quite quickly fainted

'The Devils' P.O.V

That girl is pathetic. Seriously she takes after her mother, who went and got herself sunk on a boat. For god's sake! When I saw she was out cold, I chuckled. Serves her right for back-chatting. I went over to her and summoned all my strength into a kick. I swung it and it hit her in the stomach. Grinning like a madman, I wrote PATHETIC into her leg with a  large shard of glass. Next time, I swear I am going to kill her, and for good.

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