Broken Without You

Emily is sure her life is hell. She is forced to live with her father who is abusive, and never has survived a day without physical punishment. Meanwhile, Louis from 1D is heart broken and depressed, so what will happen when the two meet up?


2. A Task Gone Wrong

I woke up in my room, with a black stomach, purple egg on my head, and large gash marks from the incident last night. I got up and stared at my reflection in a shard of glass that was firmly stuck in my thigh. Long, filthy black curls that hung at my shoulder blades, and eyes a soft shade of aqua with chocolate brown flecks around the iris, and my skin purple and black mixed with my pale complexion. Far from special, I thought to myself. '' EMILY GIMME MY DRUGS!" the man who I relate to as my father demanded. Oh fudge, he's out. I grabbed my tatty wallet and stuffed $50 dollars in, and slid on a basketball hoodie before heading out the door. I could feel the burning sensation through the rubber soles of my shoes, and I wished for the hundredth time it    wasn't me  who was standing here. I quickened my pace so I arrived quicker than usual. I thought about what I could've  used that money for as I handed the shopkeeper the crumpled $50 dollar note. I tapped my foot impatiently against the ground, needing time to go quicker. Once I got them I sashed them away in my pocket, oblivious to prying eyes.

 Louis's P.O.V

"We are through. You hear me? T H R O U GH!" my girl friend stated, before hanging up on me. I felt like Eleanor had tore my heart out and trodden on it repeatedly. The woman who I had loved with the whole of my heart had just left me out in the cold, hard floor. My eyes were welling up with tears, threatening to overflow. She just dumped you, your girlfriend just dumped you I repeated to myself in my mind. I became vaguely aware of my surroundings. I pushed the crowd, regretting my life with her. I had given so much, and she hadn't returned the favour. I desperately hoped that the paparazzi had missed their chance to photograph me crying over my girlfriend. I knocked into a hooded lady, and didn't offer to help her up. I kept running away, away from my fate and all my heartbreak. There was a soft crunch, but I didn't look down to check what it was...

Emily's P.O.V

Oh fudge. This can not be happening. I had just spent the last of my money on my father's drug addiction, and some rude stranger just knocks it out of my hands and stepped on it. I crawled over to the pouch, ignoring the screaming pain in my stomach. It had been reduced to powder. This is the end of me. My life is screwed. I said to myself as I fumbled with the pouch absentmindedly. I hoped death didn't hurt. I tucked it away in my pocket, and pushed myself up. I was so weak and fragile, and I knew one more incident could easily be the end of me. He had pushed my body to it limits. Death was around the corner. I walked home, knowing I couldn't run away. He would go around the town, begging people to help find his daughter, then beat me up once I was home. So I kept on walking, walking to my doom...



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