Three triplets for a band

When Zayn leaves for X Factor he leaves he left his 16 year old sisters Teagan, Lexi and Hayley. The best part is that they are triplets an when their parents die in a car accident they have to live with Zayn. What happens when Harry, Louis and Niall start to fall for them read to find out.


3. Truth or Dare

*Teagan's POV*

When we got to the hotel after the longest 2 hour long flight us girls put our bags in our room and walked into the Lounge Room then the boys came in and Louis asked if we wanted to play Truth or Dare. "Sure" I said. We started playing and Harry asked me I purposely said Dare. "I dare you to kiss Louis on the lips" he said. I hesitated for a bit but continued to walk over I could see that Louis turned his head in hesitation then Zayn piped up " She is not doing that" he said with anger he told us girls to go to our room. When we got there we heard him yelling. Obviously at Harry.

*Zayn's POV*

We were playing Truth or Dare when Harry asked Teagan and she said said Dare so he purposely told her to kiss Louis. Those girls are going nowhere near thse boys. Cause if they do then they can go live with Perrie and the girls. When I saw that the girls were in their rooms I started yelling at Harry for bringing up the dare. "How dare you bring up a dare like that she is my sister if you ever bring anything up like that again I will personally break all your bones and for you Louis you are just lucky that you like Lexi and not Teagan."I had so much anger in my voice that I screamed it all at Harry.

*Hayley's POV*

We heard Zayn yelling but we couldn't understand anything he was saying. When we couldn't hear any noise we went down and saw Zayn walking over to Niall with his fist in the air I'm guessing he said something under his breath. I ran over and stood in front of Niall to protect him " Move Hayley I need to punch some sense into this guy cause he told me that he wants to date you and I know that you don't like him though." Zayn said through cleanched teeth. I put on a fake smile with worried eyes and said "Actually I love him I have ever since we were introduced at X Factor"  I said with a smile on my face but I don't think Zayn liked me smiling as I said it. "Well fine but when it doesn't work out don't come crying to me."  He screamed. I was so scared he meant it that I rushed upstairs locked myself in the bathroom and pulled out my friend I had cut my wrist 5 times and was about to do my sixth when someone knocked on the door "Go away I going to be alone while I die so I'll just be quick and do it now" once I had finished I had sliced my wrist a sixth time and as I was about to pass out the door opened my eyes were to blurry so I don't know who it was.

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