Three triplets for a band

When Zayn leaves for X Factor he leaves he left his 16 year old sisters Teagan, Lexi and Hayley. The best part is that they are triplets an when their parents die in a car accident they have to live with Zayn. What happens when Harry, Louis and Niall start to fall for them read to find out.


1. Moving in with the band

*Flash Back*

Mum! Dad! Wake up please don't go don't leave us who are we going to live with. " You will live with your brother Zayn and the boys." Said Mum before she died off with Dad

* Flash Back Finished*


*Lexi's POV*

We went to our parents funeral and had t come home to pack to go live with Zayn he and the boys are packing the Lounge Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom and Dining Room while we do our bedrooms and then the laundry. We are going to the airport after to fly to Holmes Chapel to live with One Direction. "You girls ready cause we are going to leave at 7:30 sharp" said Zayn. "yep" I said. We were at the airport and when I got out there were a whole lot of fans Louis came up to me and put his arm around my waist. " What are u doing" I said.                                            " Oh sorry I was just trying to protect you." he said with a smirk. But before I could say anything Zayn told us to go get some food while he talked to the boys.


*Zayn's POV*

When I saw Louis put his arm around Lexi I almost killed him. so I called the boys over to tell them the rules about the girls. "Right Lexi, Teagan and Hayley are out of bounds so don't even try to go out with them." I think that put it through.

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