Everyone says that when the world ends, there will be no life left undead and nothing undestroyed.
It could be a big storm, an earthquake, an abnormally huge tsunami or even the biggest explosion the universe has ever seen that ends the world.
Some even believe that it is impossible…
But what if I told you that the world would end tonight at 12:45?


1. 1 shooting star, 2 words and 3 hopes

It was 12:30 at night as she gazed blankly at her alarm clock. The red light glowing as it flashed and screeched its annoying voice for the last time.

The noise would probably wake her parents but Echo Song could care less in these final moments of peace.

The blaring sound cut off a minute or two later as the power went out, exactly like she had predicted.

Echo sat at the window seat of her room, hugging one of her favorite plush toy pillows to her chest gently.

Her grey eyes shone silver under the light of the moon; that seemed to smile down upon her. Her chocolate brown hair fell in gentle waves as it glistened in the moonlight.

She looked up and opened the window hatch, letting the cool breeze kiss her well defined face. Slowly leaning out the opening, she let the leaves of the weeping willow, situated outside her window, tickle her face.

Echo surveyed the night sky that was coated in bright shinning stars. Echo loved the stars. They reminded her of snowflakes which she adored just as much. The tiny white balls of shimmering light were just as lonely as she herself, so she felt a connection with them.

As she gazed at them she thought of what was soon to occur. The news report had predicted the world would end tonight at 12:45 because of the way the animals around the planet were acting. She too had noticed their strange behavior; it was as if they were hiding from something. The rabbits hid in their burrows, the birds sang no song and remained grounded instead of taking to the skies like they always did.

Echo- unlike her parents- believed in the end of the world and knew exactly what was to come.  No she didn’t research information or go mad- she read the stars as she has done for years, knowing all about a big event years before it has even occurred.

As she sat there something caught her eye.

A shooting star streaked across the sky leaving a trail of white light in its path. In response Echo closed her eyes, folded her hands and whispered her one wish…

“Save me…!”

Something strange occurred then. A golden lily bloomed in front of her, surrounded by what looked like golden sand and a white glow. It grew on the windows edge and the golden vines cascaded down to the floor of her room.

‘Magic…!’ she mentally exclaimed a smile growing on her face.

Her smile suddenly dropped as the ground started to tremble and a roar of thunder sounded.

The end of the world was starting!

As the tremors became more and more ferocious, Echo found that remaining standing was becoming a more difficult task than getting up.

But as she concentrated on her balance she failed to notice the golden sand that started to surround her body.

She was on the ground when she finally noticed it coiling around her but was too late to realize that she was beginning to fade.

She completely disappeared only to reappear in the air and descending at fast paces.

She screamed in fright and closed her eyes, shielding her face and begging for safety. Echo felt herself slowing down as if she were floating and when she opened her eyes she gasped at the sight that met her grey eyes.

Everything in sight was burnt- probably from a fire that was started by the storm- and the sky was a pitch black that hid the stars from view- much to her displeasure. It was awful as she slowly landed. The ground under her feet felt like needles even though she was wearing her brown combat boots and the air was almost too toxic to even inhale a tiny breath!

Worse she couldn’t see her house anywhere!

A gruff voice startled her out of her trance.

“Get off of my face!” it shouted. Echo jumped and took a step back, looking down. She took in another gasp as she saw what had spoken.

Her favorite plush toy star had been the one to yell.

Her eyes widened to the shape of a full moon and she watched in shock as the star stood up on the two bottom points and crossed the two next to it.

“B-B-But you’re a…! How did you…! What do you…!” she couldn’t finish any of her sentences because of how surprised she was. “Yes yes I can talk you idiot! Now I think you owe me an apology.” He spoke, brushing himself off. “How can YOU talk?” Echo asked, putting more emphasis on the word you.  The plush toy turned sharply to her, glaring while stalking towards her.

Echo felt a little scared because even though he was small his voice was very intimidating. She backed away until she tripped over a burnt log, in which she then shuffled backwards as he continued to walk towards her.  Her back against a charred tree, he hopped on her knees that she had brought up to her chest –making him tower over her- leaned over and growled “just because I’m a plush toy doesn’t mean I can’t talk! Be careful of what you say girl because if you don’t I’ll-” he stopped when he saw that she was on the verge of tears as she trembled. “Oh oh oh I um… don’t-don’t cry! I was uh joking! I didn’t mean it!”  he stuttered while hopping off her knees. He backed up a bit and looked around sheepishly ‘oh shit! What the heck are you supposed to do when you make a teenage girl cry?! Oh what do I do?! What do I do?!’ he thought panicking.

Echo looked at him as he asked what her name was, replying with “Echo Song” he sighed in relief when he noticed she was finished crying.

“The names Samstar but you can call me Sam” he informed her. Her tears stopped and she uncurled herself, coming out of her shell.

“What do we do now? The earths destroyed!” she stressed. Sam turned around and faced the burned land.

Not a single spark of green was seen and the dirt remained stained with dust and debris. The sky was a horrible shade of pitch black and the clouds were hidden from view. Echo was right.


The earth was destroyed…



Lets back-track a bit…

When Echo had disappeared, she was unaware of the fact that she had disappeared for 6 days and during this time the earth’s life was shredded until there was nothing left.

It started with tremors that turned into earthquakes as the sky began to roar with thunder. Acid rain began to fall in needle like droplets, killing all the animals and a lightning strike started a fire stronger than anyone has seen before. The flames touched the sky and burned everything in sight, along with the human race.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet hurricanes, storms, tsunamis and cyclones of all types -ferocious and deadly- striped the planet of its former glory.


When everything seemed to settle down the world turned itself inside out.


It started off by a split in the earth that stretched from Antarctica to the top of the planet. It opened its gaping mouth and for 12 long hours showed of its blazing colors. It looked like the sun!  


And when the world finally went back to its original form, nothing was left….


Back to reality…


Sam spoke one word in reply to Echo’s question…




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