The Bad Boy who Changed My Life

Niall Horan is the bad boy of Westwood High. He always teases/bullies 15 year old Coree Payne, step sister of the star quarterback Liam Payne. Coree just wants to have a good 4 years but Niall is trying to ruin it for her because she wants to be so perfect. Will bad boy Niall Horan go through with his plan? Or will he end up falling for goody-goody Coree Payne? Read to find out...


2. What's that?

After 6th period, I go on the bus to sit with my best friend Zayn. We both are very artistic. "Hey babe!" He always says that. He's been calling me babe since 7th grade. Even though he has a girlfriend Perrie. They are madly in love! Like I know they are going to marry each other! I tell them all the time and they're just like "maybe" and I'm just like "no! You are getting married someday!" They are the biggest dorks ever! Once Zayn and I had to do a project and he was a "sexy FEMALE assistant". I laughed so much after he came out in a dress and heels. And then Perrie was in the corner making goat noises. They are my OTP forever! And I have been calling them Zerrie forever."Hi." I say distressed. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Today Niall poured a strawberry smoothie on my head. And then I got a package from the office and I have no idea who it's from." I complained. "Open it!" He says anxiously. I open it up and there is another box inside. "Open that one!" He says. I open it and I see a note. "What's that?" He asks. "It's a note..." I say confused. "Who's it from?" He asks. "I have no idea." I say confused. "Read it!" He says. I read the note. "Dear Coree, I'm in love with you. I really am. I love you so much. I don't think you think of me this way but I wish you did. If you don't find out who I am in the next 3 months, I will kill myself. I'm not telling you who I am because love is supposed to find itself and I know for a fact that you're my soul mate. Love, Your Soulmate." I finish. "What the hell!" Zayn yells. "I'm helping you find this guy!"he says. "Thanks..." I say so profusely puzzled. "What's that?" Zayn asks. "What's what?" I ask him not knowing what he means. He points to the side of the box. "That." He says. "It's an address. It says to meet him in that alley by that gym downtown." I say. "You mean the one where people go, disappear and are never heard of ever again?" He asks. It is that one. They either get kidnapped, raped, killed, or all of the above. But no matter what, they all disappear. "No. It's the gym that opened a few blocks away from it." I lie. "Oh okay. I wish I could go too but Perrie said that her parents are going to their cabin for the weekend and so she has the house to herself..." He trails off giving me a hint at what he means. "Ew. Ew. Ew. Tmi. Just use protection. They sell condoms at Walgreens for like five dollars. Buy like twenty of them please." I say. "But that's like 200 bucks! It's not like we are going to have sex 10 times a day!" He says. "I know you will! You are you and you love Perrie. You would do anything for her. So yeah you would. Just use protection all 20 times please." I finish. "Coree, I'm not going to have sex with Perrie. I respect her way too much to do that. What I was going to say was that we are working on our science project together..." He said. "Ohh...good! I'm glad! You should wait until marriage." I say. "I am..." He smiles. "Wait what?! You're really going to marry her? Oh. My. God. Yay!" I exclaim. "Hahaha I'm glad you support it! But I'll wait until we graduate. "Ok good!" The bus finally arrives at my stop. "Bye!! Don't die!" Zayn yells. "Bye! Use protection!" I whisper yell. "Coree!" He yells. "Bye!" I get off and walk home. Now how the hell am I going to find this guy?

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