The Bad Boy who Changed My Life

Niall Horan is the bad boy of Westwood High. He always teases/bullies 15 year old Coree Payne, step sister of the star quarterback Liam Payne. Coree just wants to have a good 4 years but Niall is trying to ruin it for her because she wants to be so perfect. Will bad boy Niall Horan go through with his plan? Or will he end up falling for goody-goody Coree Payne? Read to find out...


1. Prologue

"What did I ever do to you?!" I screamed at him, while wiping the smoothie off of my head. Him and his friends just walked away laughing their asses off, leaving me in the middle of a laughing crowd. I ran to the bathroom with my book bag and changed out of my now red stained sweatshirt and got as many strawberries possible out of my hair. "These four years are going to be horrible." I think to myself. "Coree Payne. Please come to the office." I hear over the announcement. Yes, my last name is Payne. No I'm not blood related to the quarterback Liam Payne but he is my step brother. I walk as fast as I can to the office. I go to the woman's desk. "Hi, I'm Coree Payne. I was called up here." The woman nodded and handed me a package. "A package? Who is this from?" I ask. She shrugs her shoulders. Well fuck! Aren't these people supposed to know this kind of stuff?! For all we know it could be a damn bomb! I look all over the paper to see who it's from. "From:me To:you" is written on the package. Well that narrows it down! I walk to 5th period which is the worst class ever because I have it with "him" and he sits right behind me. All he does is pull my hair, kick my chair, tap my shoulder and call me a slutty nerd! And then, the teacher expects me to help him with his notes when he's gone! I honestly hate him so fucking much. "Hey babe." Niall whispers right in my ear. "What?!" I whisper back. "I really like you but maybe if you flaunted your girls, I'd love you." He says with a cheeky grin on his face. "Go fuck yourself!" I yell/whisper. He laughs to himself. "Hahaha. Love you!" The bell rings and I pack up. I walk out the door and then he grabs my ass. "What the hell?!" I yell. "I'm sorry but your ass should be tattooed saying 'mine' so I know and everyone else knows that it's all mine." He says. I gag a little in my throat. "You're disgusting!" I yell. "Hey! Quiet down! But will you maybe give me one in the stall later?" He asks. I take a few seconds to realize what he means. "Oh my fucking god. I hate you!" I say. Then I walk into 6th period where his friends are. "Hey Strawberry Shortcake!" One of them says. "Fuck!" I think to myself. This is going to be a long period as well.

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