Invisible Magic (OUAT) (Book 1)

What if Emma had a sister? What if she was to help break the curse? What if her past haunted her through her dreams? Read as Hazelle tries to help Emma save Henry and break the curse, and how she tries to figure out what her dreams mean. I don't own anything but my OC and any other OC that might show up.


13. What Happened to Frederick

I woke up the next morning with my phone ringing. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Kathryn.

“Is everything ok, Kathryn?” I asked as I answered my phone.

“It’s David.” was all that Kathryn replied.

“What about David?” I asked, and I could tell that she was trying to keep from crying because she was talking to me.

“He’s leaving me.” Kathryn replied and that’s when she broke.

“I’ll be right there.” I said before hanging up, getting dressed, and going to her house.

I knocked on the door and watched as Kathryn slowly opened the door, only to hug me. I hugged her back as we slowly made our way into her house. We talked and I told her that I really didn’t know what to tell her, but she told me that it was ok and that she was glad that I was here. I left not too long after that, and I figured that she was going to go see Regina.

I can’t wrap my head around this, but I hope that everything works out for everyone. I have a feeling that something is wrong, and when I go to go out the door, Kathryn is standing there.

“Is everything ok, Kathryn?” I asked as I hesitantly let her in.

“Everything is fine, but I wanted to come by and say goodbye.” Kathryn replied with a small smile.

“Oh, where are you going?” I asked as we sat down in the living room.

“I’m going through with my plan of moving to Boston. Alone.” Kathryn replied.

“I’m really happy for you, and I hope you find everything you’re looking for.” I said as I hugged her.

Kathryn laughed but hugged me back before she left to go say goodbye to Regina. I’m actually going to miss her, but I know that Kathryn will be better off in Boston. I decided to go to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep at all because I’m telling you that the bad feeling stuck with me. I can’t seem to shake it.


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