Invisible Magic (OUAT) (Book 1)

What if Emma had a sister? What if she was to help break the curse? What if her past haunted her through her dreams? Read as Hazelle tries to help Emma save Henry and break the curse, and how she tries to figure out what her dreams mean. I don't own anything but my OC and any other OC that might show up.


18. The Stable Boy

I woke up shaking because of the freaking nightmare I just had, and I swear it’s getting annoying because I’m sick of not being able to sleep. When my eyes finally adjusted to the dark, I swear I saw a shadow in the corner. I screamed so loud that I’m surprised that Regina or David didn’t hear me. Once I finally realized that there wasn’t anything there, I calmed myself down and went back to sleep. I slept through most of the day, and when I finally woke up, it was to my phone ringing. I looked at screen and saw that it was Emma.

“Hey Emma.” I said as I answered.

“Hey Hazelle, sorry to bother you, but I need you at the station.” Emma said back.

“I’ll be there in 5.” I said before hanging up.

Emma didn’t have to tell me what was going on because I could tell by her voice that something bad was fixing to go down. I got dressed and drove to the station. When I got out of my car and walked into the building, I was met with Regina and the DA.

“Good morning Hazelle. Spencer, this is Hazelle. She’s a friend of mine, and Hazelle, this is Spencer, the DA.” Regina said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too.” Spencer and I said at the same time.

We all walked more into the station and I smiled at Emma and Mary-Margaret. They smiled back, but that changed when Spencer, Mary-Margaret, and Mr. Gold went into the interview room, and I had to stay outside the room with Emma and Regina. I knew that something was off, but I chose to keep my mouth shut. I listened as the interview went on, and I kept noticing that Spencer wouldn’t let Mary-Margaret finish a sentence, and when she finally cracked, Regina and Spencer both had big grins on their faces.

“This isn’t good is it?” I asked Emma quietly.

“No, it’s not.” Emma replied quietly as well.

I left after that and I wasn’t home long before I decided to go back to see Mary-Margaret. I knew she needed a friend and I was going to be there for her. When I got to the station, I wasn’t prepared for what I overheard.

“Please. Don’t do this to me. I don’t deserve this. I didn’t kill Kathryn.” Mary-Margaret said with a sad voice.

I knew exactly who she was talking to just by the way she said that line, but I wasn’t prepared for what the other person said.

“Oh, I know. But you do deserve this.” Regina said before turning around and walking out of the station.

Lucky for me that I can hide real well, and that’s what I did until she was gone before I went and tried to calm Mary-Margaret down. I knew that she was probably trying to figure out what Regina meant, but I was going to try keep her mind off of that.

“Mary-Margaret, don’t listen to anything Regina tells you. Believe that Emma and I will get you out of this.” I told Mary-Margaret as she was trying to calm down her breathing.

“I believe in both of you.” Mary-Margaret said after she finally calmed herself down.

“Good because we need you to keep calm, and let us handle Regina. I overheard what was said, and I’m going to use that to my advantage.” I said with a smile.

Mary-Margaret only smiled because she knew that I would anything, and I do mean anything, for her. I knew that I had to tell Emma, and I also knew what she would do with this information, but I was going to talk to her about letting me deal with Regina, since she seems to like me more than Emma. I guess we’ll know whenever I see her.


Hazelle’s outfit:

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