Invisible Magic (OUAT) (Book 1)

What if Emma had a sister? What if she was to help break the curse? What if her past haunted her through her dreams? Read as Hazelle tries to help Emma save Henry and break the curse, and how she tries to figure out what her dreams mean. I don't own anything but my OC and any other OC that might show up.


12. Skin Deep

I must’ve fallen asleep at my computer because the next thing I know, I’m being woken up to someone banging on my door. When I opened the door, I saw Henry and Danielle standing there. I let them in, and hoped that Regina wouldn’t kill me.

“What’s going on guys?” I asked as we sat in the living room, along with our drinks.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, so I wanted to come see you.” Henry replied which made me smile.

“I need to talk to you, and I haven’t seen you either.” Danielle said which made me smile as well.

I missed both of them, and I’m glad that they came over because now we can catch up. I sat back and listened as Henry explained what was going on with Emma and Regina, and I felt bad for him because he was stuck in the middle. I told him that I would always be here for him if he needed me. He thanked me, hugged me tight, and then said that he had to go because he didn’t want Regina to flip out. I laughed at that, and watched as he went home. I wanted to make sure that he got home safe because August seems to be lurking around.

“Alright Danielle, what dream did you have this time?” I asked because I knew that, that was what she needed to talk to me about.

“I couldn’t tell you, even if I could remember them. My dreams have been jumbled, and I have no idea which is getting on my nerves.” Danielle replied, and I could tell that it bothered her.

“I believe that if you give them time, your dreams will sort themselves out, and you’ll be able to figure everything out.” I said with a smile.

“I sure hope so.” Danielle said.

I decided to ask the question that I figured she wanted me to ask. “In your opinion, what do you think your dreams are trying to tell you?”

“Honestly, I think that they’re trying to tell me who my dad is. I can’t really remember anything about him, except that he left me as a baby.” Danielle replied.

We talked for a few more minutes before she left as well. I’m glad I got to spend time with both Henry and Danielle, and I hope that we can do it again. I then decided to go see Emma, so I got dressed and headed to the station, but I was shocked when I didn’t see Emma, but instead, I saw Regina, and Mr. Gold, who was sitting behind bars.

“Are you ok, Mr. Gold?” I asked as I noticed that he was holding a chipped cup.

“I’m fine dear, but what are you doing here?” Mr. Gold asked as he looked at me.

“I came to see Emma, but it looks like I missed her. I like that cup by the way. It reminds me of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast.” I replied with a smile.

Mr. Gold seemed shocked by what I had said, but said nothing back. I decided then that I should leave, so I did. I went back home and went to sleep.


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