Invisible Magic (OUAT) (Book 1)

What if Emma had a sister? What if she was to help break the curse? What if her past haunted her through her dreams? Read as Hazelle tries to help Emma save Henry and break the curse, and how she tries to figure out what her dreams mean. I don't own anything but my OC and any other OC that might show up.


11. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. I actually slept through the night without having one of my crazy dreams. I was actually thinking about going shopping for some more stuff, but I wasn’t sure yet. I was getting dressed, when Emma called me, and told me about what Regina said. I told her not to worry about it, and that Regina was probably jealous of her and Henry’s bond. I hung up after that, and decided to go get me some things. I got dressed and headed out, only to run into August, the new guy that came into town.

“I didn’t know that you lived in this neighborhood.” August said as he walked up to me.

“I didn’t know that new people paid attention to where other people live.” I replied with sass.

“Down girl. I’m not going to hurt you.” August said as he put his hand up.

“I’m not a dog, but I don’t have time to deal with you, so good-bye.” I said back as I walked around him, and went to do what I was planning to do.

I went to a few stores and bought me a few things, and as I was heading out the doors, these 2 guys came up to me. I didn’t know who they were, but I just kept walking because the station wasn’t far from the mall, and I knew that they wouldn’t follow me in there. I was right because once I entered the building, they turned around and left. I waited for a few minutes before I left and kept going to my house.

I put everything away and went to take a nap. I must’ve been asleep for a good while because the next thing I know, my phone was ringing. I looked at the screen, and saw that Emma was calling me.

“What’s up Emma?” I asked as I answered my phone.

“I’ve found something on Regina, and I want you there with me when I confront her about everything, plus I need to catch you up.” Emma replied.

“Sure. Where do you want me to meet you?” I asked as I grabbed my bag.

“I’m coming to get you right now.” Emma replied, and before I knew it, she was honking her horn at me. We hung up as I made my way to the car.

“She did what now?” I asked in utter shock.

Emma then went on to tell me that Regina stole city funds to build herself another home in the woods. I was shocked to say the least, but Emma showed me the evidence, and I couldn’t believe it. When we pulled up to the place where the council meeting was being held, Emma told me to stay in the car. I did because I knew that this could turn ugly real quick.

I was right because Emma and Sidney both came out of the place with sour looks on their faces. I was about to get out and ask Emma what happened, but stopped when Regina came over to talk to Emma. I waited in the car, and when Emma got back in and was driving me home, she seemed more tense.

“What happened, Emma?” I asked very carefully.

“She fooled us, Hazelle. Regina made a fool out of us.” Emma replied, and that’s when she went into detail about the meeting, and when Regina told her that she couldn’t see Henry unless Regina said so.

“Everything’s going to work out Emma, I promise. I’ll try to help with the Henry situation.” I told her with a small smile.

“Thanks Hazelle. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Emma said as we pulled up to my house.

I hugged her and told her that I would see her later. She agreed, and then left to go talk to Henry. I knew something wasn’t right with this whole thing, so I did what I do best, and went to my computer to do some digging. I was going to help Emma, and I knew exactly where to start.


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