Invisible Magic (OUAT) (Book 1)

What if Emma had a sister? What if she was to help break the curse? What if her past haunted her through her dreams? Read as Hazelle tries to help Emma save Henry and break the curse, and how she tries to figure out what her dreams mean. I don't own anything but my OC and any other OC that might show up.


8. Desperate Souls

It’s been 2 weeks since Graham’s death, and Emma has been trying to keep busy so she doesn’t think about it. I felt bad for her, but I stayed back so she could handle this the way she wanted to. I was playing on my laptop when Emma called me, and told me what Henry was saying. I told her that I would be there in 5. I got dressed and went to Henry’s castle to see if I could talk him down. I just so happened to walk up when Henry said something about good always loses or something along those lines.

“I don’t ever want to hear you say that again, ok Henry? Good doesn’t lose, ever. Do I have to show you the fairytales again?” I asked as I stood in front of him.

“She killed Graham, Hazelle. What if she goes after one of you next?” Henry asked as he looked at me.

“She won’t go after us. I promise you that, but you need to keep your faith. If Peter Pan gave up his faith, then Hook would’ve beaten him a thousand times over.” I replied while also trying to make him smile.

I believe it worked because Henry cracked a smile before getting up and leaving. I looked over at Emma, who just shrugged her shoulders. We both left after that, and not too long after I got home, Emma came over and told me what happened with Regina. I told her that I supported her no matter what, and she told me that she appreciated that, and then she went to Mary-Margaret’s house. The rest of the day was pretty boring, but the next day Emma came by and told me that she was running for sheriff. I told her that I would back her up, and she thanked me before going to talk to Henry. I decided to go for a run, when I ran into David, who was coming out of the animal shelter.

“It’s Hazelle, right?” David asked as he looked at me funny.

“Yeah, it is. How are you?” I asked with a smile.

“I’m good. What about you?” David asked back.

“I’m good as well, just getting a run in before I have to meet Emma.” I replied with a laugh.

David chuckled and we just talked like we’ve known each other for years. David finally said that he had to go, so we said good-bye, and I went to finish my run. When I got back home, I showered, got in my pajamas, and went to bed. I know I was supposed to meet Emma, but she texted me and told me that she would see me tomorrow at the debate. I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and headed to City Hall, or wherever the debate was being held. I sat next to Henry, who was sitting next to Regina. Regina smiled at me and I returned it.  The room grew quiet as Archie walked up to the podium.

“Tragedy has brought us here, but we are faced with this decision and now we ask only that you listen with an open mind and to please vote your conscience. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you the candidates. Sidney Glass and Emma Swan. Glass-Swan. Sounds like something that a decorator would make you buy.  Wow. Crickets. Okay. Mr. Glass, your opening statement?” Archie said, and I felt bad for him because he was trying to lighten the mood, but nobody was getting it.

Sidney Glass stepped up to the podium, and said, “I just want to say that if elected, I want to serve as a reflection of the best qualities of Storybrooke. Honesty, neighborliness and strength. Thank you.”

Archie then stepped back up to the podium, and said, “And Emma Swan?”

Emma slowly stepped up to the podium, and said, “You guys all know that I have what they call a troubled past. But you’ve been able to overlook it because of the hero thing. But here’s the thing. The fire was a set-up. Mr. Gold agreed to support me in this race, but I didn’t know that, that meant he was going to set a fire. I don’t have definitive evidence. But I’m sure. And the worst part of all this was… the worst part of all of this is I let you all think it was real. And I can’t win that way. I’m sorry.”

I was in shock that Mr. Gold would do such a thing. I was also proud of Emma that she stood by her morals, instead of doing what most people would do. I knew that this would probably hurt Emma’s chances of becoming Sheriff, but who knows, people may still surprise us. I went to Granny’s because Henry called me and told me to meet him there. I was shocked to say the least, but I would do anything for that kid. I met up with him and Emma, and I was about to ask Henry a question, when Regina and Sidney walked in. I was confused, but then it made sense when Regina handed Emma the Sheriff badge. I was super happy, and I could wait to help her out if needed.

This town is changing for the better, I believe. This may only be the beginning, but I know that Emma and I are here for a reason, and we plan on changing this town inside and out. Wish us luck. Or better yet, wish Emma luck because she needs it more than I do.


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