Started Small, Ended Big

This is a prequel to Seaweed Brains Sister. It's about Amanda from the time when she was 12 in the orphanage to when she is 17 in the castle. I had some really good ideas for this book and I wanted to make it. The whole thing will be in Amanda's Perspective unless I say otherwise.


2. The time has come

     It's been three weeks since my birthday. We were all trying to forget what happened but to no avail. I was currently in my room packing the little amount of clothes I owned. I grabbed my small phone and my IPod that Adam bought me for my birthday. I told him it wasn't necessary but he insisted. Diana came up to me. We didn't say anything and just hugged. I could feel something wet on my shoulder and I soothingly rubbed her back as Diana was sobbing. 

    "I'm going to m-miss you A-amanda" she sobbed. "It's okay. It's okay. I can call and text you all everyday" I told her. Diana pulled away and her brown eyes were filled with tears. I picked up my bag and my guitar. I slung the bag over my shoulder and held the guitar in my hand. I put my other arm around Diana's shoulder and we walked downstairs together.

     I placed my guitar and bag down next to the doors then turned around. Many sad pairs of eyes stared at me. I could feel my chest tightening as Caleb and Serenity started crying. I ran over and engulfed them in a tight hug. They sobbed into my shoulders and clutched tightly onto my shirt. Adam came over and picked Caleb up. I stood up with Serenity still in my arms. 

    Jacie came over and patted my back. "Don't forget us kid. We won't forget you" she told me. That sounded so serious. "Don't you remember what I told Tyler? I will never forget you all" I said softly. "You also said I was too annoying to forget" Tyler mumbled but I knew he was joking. "That was also true Ty" I joked back. He came over and hugged me. We pulled away and I looked at Serenity. "Hey" I whispered. She turned her head to look up at me and the look on her face was heartbreaking.

    I kissed the top of her head and slipped my bracelet off. It was a silver bracelet and in the middle there was a locket. When you opened it, it had a picture of me and Serenity in there. The other side said 'I will love you always'. I had bought it with Serenity for my birthday last year. She watched as I put it on her arm and securely tightened it. "Now you always have something to remember me by" I said softly and kissed her forehead.

    We all sat down on the couch in silence. I moved Serenity to sit beside me. "Adam can you bring my guitar?" I asked him. Adam nodded and got my guitar. He came back and handed it to me. I held the guitar in my lap and strummed a few chords before starting a song. The familiar tune of my favorite lullaby filled the quiet room. It was a spanish lullaby that Miss Jane taught me. After finishing the last few chords, the door to the orphange suddenly opened. 

    A few people in black suits entered first and motioned for someone to come in. My new parents, Lillian and Mark Nicholson, were standing there. I took a deep breath and stood up. ''Amanda it is time to go" Lillian said softly. I nodded and turned to look at Adam. 'Is he going to come?' I mouthed. Adam just shrugged and looked at me with apologetic eyes. I smiled sadly and looked down.

     I was hoping Luke would come to say bye but I guess not. I pulled all the older kids into a hug first. They all whispered how they would miss me and what I've done for them. It's amazing how I'm younger than them all but still made a difference in their lives. I hugged Adam tightly once the others seperated. "I love you Amanda" Adam whispered. "I love you too Adam" I whispered back trying hard not to cry. 

     I seperated from him and crouched down, holding my arms out. Serenity was the first to make in my arms as the others surrounded me. "We love you!" they all yelled out. I laughed and squeezed Serenity. "I love you all so much" I said. After a few minutes, I pulled away from the hug and stood up. Turning slightly I caught the eye of one of the bodyguards. He had a sympathetic look on his face.

    I ignored it and turned around. Only two people were standing there with wavering smiles on their faces. "Diana. Miss Jane. I'm going to miss you two" I pulled them into a hug. "We will miss you too Amanda. What you have done for this orphanage is something I'll never forget" Miss Jane's voice was cracking slightly. I pulled away from her and stood with Diana. Her hair was ruffled and tangled. I calmly turned her around and combed my fingers through the brown ringlets. 

    I could hear Diana muffle a sob with her hand. This was something I would do if she couldn't fall asleep. Now I won't be able to do this for a long time. Once her hair was soft and silky, I turned her back around and placed my hand on her shoulders. "Diana listen to me" I urged. She looked up into my sea green eyes. "You are the best friend I could ever ask for. No one can replace you and our memories together will last forever," I softly spoke "I want you to promise me that you will always remember me. I also need you to promise that you and the others will care for everyone that is in this orphanage. Can you promise me these things?" 

     Diana nodded her head before hugging me one last time. "We really must be going now Amanda" Lillian's voice rang out. I took a deep breath and pulled away from Diana. She still had tears in her eyes but had put on a brave smile. I smiled at her again before turning and picking up my bag. I tightly gripped my guitar in my hand and walked out the door. The bodyguard who gave me a symphathetic look quietly took my bag from my hand. I still held onto my guitar though. Just as I was about to climb into the car, a voice rung out.

    "Amanda wait!" Diana yelled running up to me. She held something blue in her hand. "We made this for you. It was all Adam's idea" she breathed out. I handed my guitar to the bodyguard and took the navy blue cloth in my hand. Holding it out in front of me, I gasped. Tears started to spill down my cheeks as I read the jersey. It read "Amanda is number 1!" right on the front. I turned it around and nearly sobbed as I saw the back. In italics there was "We love you and will always miss you Amanda" followed by all the names of the children in the orphanage in smaller font. 

    "T-this is the best thing I have ever gotten" I stuttered trying to stop my tears. Diana wiped my tears and whispered. "I know Luke would be here if he could. I hope you have a great life in Europe."

    I smiled at her and got into the sleek black limo. My guitar and bags were place securely in the seat next to me. Before the door closed, I saw everybody outside the orphange waving and smiling. The door closed shut and I lost my view. I turned my head to the two adults sitting in the car. "I know it's hard leaving them but it's for the best" Mark said. I noticed how that was the first thing he ever said to me. I leaned back and crossed my arms.

    Staring out the window, I caught glimpes of my city passing by. The place where I had grown up and now I'm leaving. "Goodbye New York, I'll miss you" I whispered.


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