Which one?

This about a girl named Lily Smith, she thinks she has a perfect boyfriend who could do no wrong and is so sweet. But will a blond Irish boy and his crew show her how jake really is? And will she have a real relationship with somebody else? Find out by reading! (Niall fan-fiction)


1. Just to tell ya

Lily POV

      Hello, I'm Lily Smith. I have long, wavy, brown hair with a tad of red high lights. I'm very popular now than I used to be. I don't have my same friends anymore cause I'm popular and want to hang out with all of he people that are actually cool. I also have a boyfriend named Jacob, Deen. He is one of the hottest boys in the school, blond hair, brown eyes, a hotty. I think I miss my friends somewhat though, I used to have two best friends named Katrina, Lieana and the other one Kerry, Geach. They were my best friends before I became popular, I became popular just by getting a new look! But being popular doesn't mean you always have to be mean right? My new best friend is Vennesa Young, she is very pretty, a little snotty, but she is popular! Maybe tomorrow durring lunch at school I'll try to totally to them!

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