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This about a girl named Lily Smith, she thinks she has a perfect boyfriend who could do no wrong and is so sweet. But will a blond Irish boy and his crew show her how jake really is? And will she have a real relationship with somebody else? Find out by reading! (Niall fan-fiction)


15. it's all over

Jake POV

        i cant believe her! i walk up to Lil's door and i realized it's unlocked. i open it and search for Lily. i grab a knife and walk up to her room. i see that damn Niall sleeping with her! this is fucking pissing me of. i walk closer and closer and then..........damn it Niall fucking just kicked me in the balls. he woke up Lily as i was on the ground and they both ran out and into the kitchen. i ran after them and Niall grabbed a knife and Lily was on the phone. then outside the house i heard sirens, damn the police, i have to go! it was to late they came in and kicked me when they saw i had the knife. i fell to the ground in pain. I'll get Lily and damn Horan back one day! then i yelled at Lily, "LILY I'M GONNA KILL YOU AND NIALL, THEN YOU'LL REGRET EVER FUCKING AROUND WITH ME!!!!" the police kicked me again but yelling that was so worth the risk.

Lily POV

           when Jake started yelling Niall closed my ears. but i still heard everything. Jake i forgot todays your birthday, your 18. you'll get adult charges pressed against you and you'll go to prison. i thought this and i began to think some more, well bye Jake. I'm scared for when he gets out of prison, hopefully not for a long time! they police left Jake. then Niall looked at me and i met his gaze, i hugged him and kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." then he whispers, "Lily, you tried to kill yourself earlier today, why on earth would you do that, do you know what i would've done to myself if you got injured or died! i would've killed myself! don't ever do that to me again, i care about you way to much to lose you." tears came into my eyes and i once again met his gaze. this time i new what i should have done before. i should've never went back to Jake, i should've liked Niall the whole time, and i should've trusted and believed Niall! Niall and i gazed into each other eyes. and i was in his arms as he had his arms wrapped around my body and my hand around his neck, gently.

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