Which one?

This about a girl named Lily Smith, she thinks she has a perfect boyfriend who could do no wrong and is so sweet. But will a blond Irish boy and his crew show her how jake really is? And will she have a real relationship with somebody else? Find out by reading! (Niall fan-fiction)


21. Fortune teller

Yuna POV

      Today is Saturday so I went to the store by myself. As I got in I saw a bulletin board with bunches of notices on it! Knowing my curiosity I walked over to the board and looked at a notice. It said


                      Miss, greana 

I am miss, greana. I am a fortune teller that has been known to be the best one in the city. If you seek information on a date that you still haven't experienced yet please come to me. I am doing free fortunes all week so please don't hesitate,

           Thank you....

I read the notice and I was starting to get curios. That nightmare, I want to know more about it, maybe she can help? I left the store without even buying anything. I grabbed the notice and went to the address it had on it. I knocked on the door and it creaked open. The lady was standing there with a black and purple gown on with black slippers. She then says with a worried face, "oh my god, please come in quickly!" I was confused but she lead my to a table and I sat down. She asked for my hand and she grabbed it quickly and she made me spread out all of my fingers. She then tells me, "you and someone else are going to be in danger my dear. You must never let this boy go. Stay with him and never fight! You both need each other or something terrible will happen!" I pulled my hand away from her in tears and ran outside, into my car, and drove away. Was that nightmare really a sign? I'm so scared, Niall I love you!

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