Which one?

This about a girl named Lily Smith, she thinks she has a perfect boyfriend who could do no wrong and is so sweet. But will a blond Irish boy and his crew show her how jake really is? And will she have a real relationship with somebody else? Find out by reading! (Niall fan-fiction)


18. date night

Niall POV

          we finally got to the restaurant and i found a pretty good parking space. i was surprised since it was so packed there! i opened the car door again for Lily since she said she liked it that i was a gentleman. we walked up to the doors and immediately the realized i was famous and let us in free, no charge! wow tonight is going to be a great night! i pulled out the seat for Lily and i pushed her back in. she then said, "Niall i don't want to trouble you." i shook my head and said quickly, "trust me your not troubling me at all." she smiled with a sign of relief in her eyes. i felt bad, she was worried she was troubling me, not in a million years. the waitress came around and asked what we both wanted. we both just ordered water though. after we got our drink and ordered our food, we started talking, just small talk. she then asked, "Niall, umm, do you actually like me?" i nod my head and say, "of course i like you!" she shakes her head and says, "no, i meant more than just being friends." i look at the table and i said, "well, yes." i could tell she was smiling and i met her gaze once more then she was the one looking down. after a little bit we got our food and we started to eat. after we finished we still sat at the table. then i paid the check. i took her hand and walked out into the parking lot with her. we came to the side of the restaurant where no one could see us. then she asked, "Niall what are we doing out here?" i smiled and turned to face her and came to a complete stop. i looked down into her beautiful blue eyes. she blushes but doesn't move away, i can tell she doesn't want to move an inch away form me. i then smiled and ask, "Lily Smith, will you officially be my girlfriend?" she smiled and blushed a lot, her face as red. she then looked like she was going to say no. i looked at the ground and let both of her hands go. she then hugged me tightly and whispers, "of course I'll go out with you Niall, don't ever think anything different." i wrapped my arms around her tightly. then are gaze met and are blue eyes just met each others so perfectly. then our lips collided with each others. even are lips fit together so perfectly, her hands also fit in mine as if they were made just for me, it was just meant to be.

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