Which one?

This about a girl named Lily Smith, she thinks she has a perfect boyfriend who could do no wrong and is so sweet. But will a blond Irish boy and his crew show her how jake really is? And will she have a real relationship with somebody else? Find out by reading! (Niall fan-fiction)


4. 2nd can never be friends

Lily POV

      I look behind me and its Niall, oh no this is the street jake lives on to. I jog away from him and back to my house, thank god. 

Niall POV

      Ever since that one day when lily flicked off jake I beileive his name is, lily has been completely ignoring me! I didn't even do anything wrong though. I guess she is one of those nasty,popular, witches that think there so popular. I don't need her to be my friend, if she wants to ignore me, I'll ignore her.

lily POV

    Today I get into my first period class. I was a little late so since I notice jake isn't here today I ask Niall, "did I miss anything since I'm late." He glared at me by just kept reading his book! Hen I said again, "umm Niall?" He still kept ignoring me, he is such a jerk! I thought he was nice, not till now! 

Niall POV

     After a while its lunch and I sit next to these two girls at lunch, then introduced themselves as Kelly and Katrina. They were really nice unlike Lily. I then ask the both of them, "why so lily so mean?" Kerry looks at the table and then Katrina says, "il explain, so Kelly and I used to be BFF's with Lily. Until one day she had a crush on jake, and jake started to day he likes her to, he only wants to day her so that he can try to seduce her, but he says that's not true, after they started dating he told her that al the populate like her and she should hang out with them only, she believed them, and she said she doesn't wanna be a loser anymore and that she is happy she is now a popular, but populate are cruel and mean, she used to be the sweetest person in the world but then she betrayed us and listens to whatever the populars tell her to do, she is just a useless, careless, and she is just bait." I look at the table after she tells me that and I say, "wow she really is clueless." Kerry nods her head as if she was adding onto what Katrina had said. 

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