Dark Wonderland

Alice was on here way to her grandmothers house when out of no where she fell into some quick sand. Will She ever make it to her grand mothers house


1. Snowy Wolf

Walking through the woods, I looked at the stars, the scenery.  Above me, the stars twinkled like polished diamonds, unrotting and shimmering in the florescent light of the full moon.  The air, a light breeze, and unable to give up  the chilling coolness of every breathe that rushed past me.  In the darkness, the trees looked as though they had faces; only frightful to those who haven't seen true evil.  A gust of wind pushed on my face and tugged at my crimson cape harshly.  The skirt of my dress fluttered lightly almost poking fun at the cold wind.  I looked up pushing my black hair out of my emerald green-blue eyes.  There before me was a while wolf, unknown to the nature around it.  I stood tall and unafraid of it.


The snowy wolf looked at me with its bright sky blue eyes.  It, like myself, did not drop his gaze nor did he drop his head in defeat.  He slowly approached me.  Stalking me like his prey, he sniffed the basket I held in my hand.  He tried to lift the handkerchief.  I covered the cupcakes I baked for my grandmother.  I moved the basket away from him slowly.  He growled, angered at my actions, but I didn't care.


At least once a month I visited my widowed grandmother.  She lived deep intot he woods.  All you had to do was fallow Crysting Street, which lead you to a dirt road.  Going stright you could easily find her house.  She had also lived in the rainiest part of this wooded area.  The only one in my village.  She lived alone and barely had any visitors.  The only person who would visit was me.  She always greeted me by saying, "Oh my little Alice, you never stop growing do you?"


She was always so kind to anyone even strangers shes never met before.  She wouldn't be rude and if you where her kindness would disappear in a heart beat.  "Ignorance" she would say, "Is the worst thing a single person can show."


The wolf again growled loudly.  I could see his eyes, glaring at me in anger.  He lowered his head, but only slightly and walked off into the darkness of the woods.  I walked on again, continuing my voyage through the muddy ground, that squished and caked to the bottom of my shoes.  As I walked, I stepped in something that made me go under quickly.


What I assumed to be quick sand, was all over my cape, dress, and shoes.  I looked around. There by a crimson certain was a royal blue dress that hung past my knees.  The dress also had a white ribbon that crossed in the front, under my breasts and went all the way down to my waist.  Ruffles fluffed out from the bottom.  Small bows of lace where sown on the left and right of the front of the dress.  The shoes where royal blue and lifted me two centimeters off the ground by my heals.  A bow clipped on the top of my shoes.


I looked up again and saw a white cape that went close to the ground and covered my whole body when completely engulfed in it.  I looked behind the certain and only saw a single door about four centimeters big.......

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