Die Hard Hottie (Marcel and Louis) (Punk Louis)

"But mum I don't want to go to a new school!"

"Marcel! You will be just fine! You will make friends, and who knows maybe you will find a relationship!"

And boy was she right...I just don't think she expected it to be a guy....or the school Badass!

But honestly neither did I...


3. Chapter 3

Marcel's pov*
I slowly got up in search for my glasses so I could see. If i don't have my glasses I'm almost legally blind. great isn't it. Ugh I can't frickin find them! oh well I guess I'll have to go the rest of the day without them. I stood up gathering up all my books when I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I turned around to face the person, but only saw a figure because of my lack of sight. "I uhh, think you dropped these." by the deep but feminine voice I could tell that he was a guy. "umm t-thanks." I grabbed my glasses and put them on my bridge of my nose sliding them up to my face, and when I looked up my breath was taken away by the beautiful creature in front of me. He had light brown feather like hair with piercing cobalt blue eyes. Had a lot of tattoos but not an over abundance. He had snake bites and his eyebrow pierced along with his ears. none the less he was gorgeous. As he was walking away I got a glimpse of his finely toned back and let me tell you...this boy has a bum on him! Wow, I sound like a creeper. I quietly walked to the back of the room where Liam was "hey mate, are you okay?" He looked at me with eyes full of concern. "Yeah, it's nothing new." He shook his head in disappointment almost as if saying 'that's not right at all' but he didn't peep a word. 

*after science. In the halls right before lunch*

I was at my locker making no eye contact with anyone when Liam came up to me and asked "hey Marcel, would you want to sit by me and my friends at lunch?" really? Wow I wasn't expecting that. At my old school I ate in the office because the principal was the only person the that school that liked me, except the other teachers. I walked in the cafeteria behind Liam and we say down at the table. I observed the tables quickly to see if I recognized anyone and right away I did. I saw the boy that helped me earlier in science. something about him makes me want to know more. "Hey Liam who is that?" I point to the tattooed lad. he followed my gaze and and gingerly spoke "that's Louis, I wouldn't get involved with him in anyway he is big time trouble." I nodded.

But what Liam doesn't know is that I like trouble...

Sooo what do you guys think? I hope this was a good chapter and next chapter will have LOUIS POV! WHOOT WHOOT!!(: please comment(: thank you lovelies!!
~Gabby xx

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