Die Hard Hottie (Marcel and Louis) (Punk Louis)

"But mum I don't want to go to a new school!"

"Marcel! You will be just fine! You will make friends, and who knows maybe you will find a relationship!"

And boy was she right...I just don't think she expected it to be a guy....or the school Badass!

But honestly neither did I...


2. Chapter 2

Marcel's pov*
My mum pulled up into the school parking lot. Yes, yes I know 'but you're a junior you should have your own car blah blah blah' well I would if we had more money. I have my license but I normally don't drive that much so my mum drives me to school on her way to work. "bye honey! Have a great day!" My mum smiled at me and kissed my cheek and I mumbled a quick "yeah, like that's gonna happen." I could tell she heard it though because she just chuckled at my response.

I walked through the big doors at the front of the school and almost immediately everybody stared at me. I put my head down and went on an adventure to find the main office. finally after a while of looking I found it. I walked in and there was a woman probably in her mid-forties and she looked up and flashed me a smile. "Hi Hun! What can I do for you?" hmm at least the office is friendly. "Hi errmm my name is Marcel Styles and I'm new here so I came to get my schedule..." She nodded and went back to her computer. She was looking for my name while muttering "styles...styles....styles..AH! Here it is Marcel Styles!" She said happy that she finally found my name. She hopped out of her seat and came over to me and handed me my schedule "have a wonderful day, Marcel!" I smiled and said a polite you too before heading out the door.

I was roaming the halls for room 102-science. I finally found it and when I opened the door all eyes were on me...great. The teacher looked at me and said you must me Marcel...correct?" I nodded my head yes at the teacher and said said "well hello I'm Mrs. Hall and welcome to science class!" I smiled and she said "why don't you take a seat next to...." she look around the room for a moment pondering where to put me "Liam! Liam will you raise your hand?" A lad, a very good looking lad I must add, with somewhat longish short brown hair and brown eyes raised his hand. I was making my way back to him when I suddenly came face to face with the ground. wow, it's only 1st hour on the 1st day and this school is already rubbish...


Hello!(: I updated a little sooner because I had some ideas fresh in my head. Please PLEASE comment I absolutely love feedback!(: 

Sorry this chapter is so short but if you want me to I can make the next one extra long!(:

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