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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


11. Chapter 9

Justin and I have been looking for a perfect house for about  5 hours. 

We enter one last house. I knew I was going to love it but it was HUGE. 

M: Babe. I think I like this house.

J: But isn't to big for just the 3 of us?

Agent: This mansion has 3 floors 8 bedrooms, 11 and a half bathrooms. You guys want to see inside or move on to the next one?
J: Hold on Sr. I want to talk to Kendall for a sec.

I pulled me aside.

J: Babe this is alot for just the 3 of us. 

M: Babe you said it has to be under $20M and its $17. When can have a big family and our kids won't want to move because they have everything here in there house. 

Justin pecked my lips.

J: Just for you my princess if I like it we'll get it and we might have to install a studio in the basement. 

M: That's fine or you know it have 2 guest houses. One can be the studio.

J: I love the way you think.

M: And it can also be your man cave for when the baby and I get you mad.

J: Why would I even be mad at you or Jayden?

M: I don't know. We'll just have to see.

J: Alright come on let go see the house.

J: Sr. we would like to this house.

Agent: Alright. Mr. Bieber what ever you want.

He was opening the door. Once he opens the door I feel in love. I know this is the house I want to raise my kids with Justin.

J: Babe! I love it.

Agent: Let look the whole house and if you two like it we can fill out papers. 


Agent: So what did you think about the house? or may I say mansion!

M: I loved it. 

J: I did too. Can we make an offer.

Agent: Yeah. This house is currently $17, 995,000M but we can bring its down too $16,000,000 since it's been on sale for along time. 

J: I love that price.

Agent: Alright do you want this house for sure?

J: Yes! But I would like to sale the one that I have now.

A: Where you live right now?

J: I live in The Oaks Calabasas.

A: Alright how about tomorrow we can set up a meeting so you can sell that one and buy this one.

J: Alright I love that idea. 

A: Ms. Kendall How did you feel about this house?
M: I loved it. I would like to move in it right now but I can't.

J: Oh wait one question. How many cars fit in the garage?

A: About 10 cars. 

J: You're kidding right.

A: NO Mr. Bieber I'm not lieing.

Oh god. He already has like 5 cars. This means he'll get another 5. This isn't good.

Justin and I headed to the car.

A: Alright well have a great day I will see you tomorrow about 3 at your house to see the prices.

J: Okay thank you so much. I will see you tomorrow at 3.


We got back home. Justin was taking a shower and I was in the kitchen getting a snack. 

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They wrapped they arms around my "waist" `cause I don't have one anymore.

J: I see you're eating. 

M: Yeah and I'm getting so fat just look at me. I boobs are huge and so is my ass. I loose my figure. After I have Jayden my ass is getting fit again.

J: Babe you're not fat you just have baby weight but that'll go away after you have my beautiful son.

M: The good think is we are going to have gym in the new house

We walked back to the living. I sat down and he layed down putting his eye on my stomach. He started talked to Jayden.

J: Hey Jayden. It's you're daddy. You're mommy wants you to out in this beautiful world already!

I was playing with Justin's hair. He kissed me stomach and trailed his kissed all the way to my lips.

A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updating I focusing  on my other movella Bestfriends. I'll try to update as much as I can. 


Stay Swaggy! <3

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