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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


10. Chapter 8

J: I can't wait to bring Jayden into this crazy world.

M: I can't either.

Justin and I were at his house from the doctors office. 

J: What the plan for when the baby gets here? 

M: What do you mean what plans?
J: Where are you going to live? Here or at your parents?!

M: I had been thinking that already but I don't know cause you will be on tour. If I stay here I'll be home all alone and I know that your little friends Za and Twist are always throwing parties and I don't want to the baby around that. 

J: I can kick Za and Twist out they're aren't as important as you are too me. And I would never let you alone with them two, they are always checking you out. YOU'RE MINE. And one day you'll be Mrs. Bieber. How does that sound?

M: It sounds amazing but how about you sell this house and we could buy another house. New house, new beginning! You know what I mean.

J: That sounds even better but when are we going to put this house on sale than?

M: We can look for houses tomorrow!

J: Sounds good to me! But lets go to bed for now and tomorrow we can all of that stuff. `cause in about 2 or 3 days I have to go back on tour.

M: Alright lets go!


Today's going to be a good day! Justin and I will be look for new house. As we all know this is house right now.

But soon it won't. I'm not going to lie. I'm going to miss this house. Over all this it where we make Jayden. 

I was rubbing my stomach when Justin snakes his arms around my waist. He turned me around. 

J: Babe I'm ready to find a new bigger house for my new family and I know you're gonna be really excited when I tell you something!

I have him a peck on his lips.

M: And what would that be?

J: I was thinking that our budget for this new house is going to be $20M. 

M: Babe that sounds like alot. Don't you think?
J: Kendall do you know who you're talking to? I'm Justin Bieber!

M: True. But come out change so we can go soon.

I went to the bathroom to take shower. I changed into this...

~~~~> (check on the comments)

And Justin came into our room. He looks very attractive. He had on some jeans. a black v-shirt, black supras, and some chains (guy necklaces). 

He came up to me to give me a kiss. 

M: Babe we gotta go before we are late to the retail meeting.

J: Alright. Let me just get my keys. Oh Shit....

M: What happen babe?

J: I forgot my wallet in the bathroom. Go in the Batmobile.

I went to get in his Cadillac CTS-V aka the Batmobile. This would have to be my favorite of his. I've droven pretty much all of them since I've been with him. He even gave me a credit card connected to his account. I don't over use it even though I really wanted to.  

This is the car


J: Alright babe ready?

M: Yeah I'm ready!

J: Oh yeah and don't forget we have to have like 8 garages for all the cars. `cause then we will have to get a truck for the whole family but for now we can use these cars and the range rover. 

M: More Cars???

J: Yes Kendall more cars..!!!

~~~~~~ Skip to retail~~~~~~

We got to the building. Where we were going to have our first meeting and maybe find the house of our dreams. 

J: Lets go babe! Are you ready?
M: I am beyond ready!

We walked in. We first had to sign in to notify the people that we were here. 

Receptionist: Hey, What can I help you with?
J: I came here to speak to John Smith about buying a home.

R: Okay just give me one second to call him that you are here.

J: Okay thanks,

.....5 minutes later....

R: Justin he's waiting for you. He's on 3rd floor, 7th door on you right.

J: Thanks!

We were about to get in the elevator when I remember about Justin not liking elevators. Before we entered I turned to look at him.

M: Justin do you want to go up the stair or the elevator?

J: Just because you're pregnant I'll take the elevator. 

M: Okay, I'll hold your hand tight, don't worry I'm right next to you!

Justin gave me a peck on the lips. Oh..how I love his lips.


A/N: I know I took a long time to update but there will be another chapter coming up on Monday!


Stay Swaggy<3


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