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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


9. Chapter 7

~~ 5 Months Later~~

I'm 7 months pregnant. This is what my belly looks like. 

 My boobs are HUGE. Justin LOVES them. He's always grabbing them when I'm not paying attention. We found out what we are expecting. It's a......... boy! Justin and I are super excited I've always wanted to have a boy first than a girl. 

Today Justin and I are going to a check up to make sure the babies healthy. Justin was in the studio while I was laying down watching TV. I called Justin so he can take a shower so we won't be late for the appointment. 

Me: Babe I'm going to take a shower. The appointment is at 12 and we can stop by to get something to eat. 

J: Alright babe! I will be upstairs in a minute. Once you get out of the shower call me through he intercom. 

M: Alright love you!

J: Love you too.

I hung up and took a shower. I wore this.


I called Justin through the intercom to come and take a shower. I was brushing my hair when I feel strong arm around my waist touching my stomach. I turn around to see Justin with a wide grin across his face. 

J: babe you look like a hot mama!

M: And you look like a hot daddy! 

Justin kissed me but I had to pull out sadly.

J: What was that for?

M: You Mr. have to take a shower.

J: Okay, but just one more kiss.. Please. 

Justin took a shower and I finished doing my hair and make-up. I straightened my hair and did a natural looking make-up. 

Justin got out of the shower and wore this. 

Damn. I'm one lucky girl. 

J: I'm ready to go babe. Let me get the keys and we are off to see our little Jayden Drew.

Yes. We names the baby Jayden Drew. Justin wanted to keep the JB in the family. 

M: Let me get my purse babe. 

Justin and I were off to the hospital. 


J: The baby looks healthy. I can't believe in 2 months and this baby will be here and making our live crazy. Baby Bieber will have a lot of girls behind him and you know it.

M: Oh yes. Justin just like you have girls behind you. You only have girls behind your back because you're Justin Drew Bieber the famous teen pop sensation. And I'm the lucky one that gets to have you.

J: And I'm lucky to have you too. 

Justin and I got to the hospital. We signed in and waited. 

Dr. Smith: Mr. Bieber and Miss. Robbins please come in.

We walked inside I layed on the table (I don't know what it's called).

Dr: Well I see you two are here just for a check up?

M: Yeah. I just want to make sure my babies healthy.

Dr: Okay lets see this baby! Have you two thought about a name for the baby?
J: Yeah. Jayden Drew Bieber!

Justin looked at me and kissed me. I was happy and I know that my life couldn't get any better than where it's at now. 

The doctor check Jayden and this is what he looked like. 

I knew we were ready for Jayden to be in our lives. The only bad things is Justin won't be with the baby the first couple of months of his life due to the fact that Justin's on tour. And babies can't go on planes since there still so small. But Justin said he would come back home every time he could. 


I'm sorry I took so long to update but I went on vacation where there was no wifi. If I get more LIKE, FAVORITES, AND COMMENTS....I'll add another chapter!

Love you all so much.<3


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