What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


6. Chapter 4

Today is the day Justin leave to go back on his tour. It's 6 in the morning, I had to wake Justin up, his flight leaves at 7:30. 

"Babe wake up..." I said giving him small pecks on the lips

"Mmmmm...just 10 more minutes." he said in his sexy morning voice

"No now mister." I said taking his blankets off

"Babe...No give me my blanket back" 

"No take a shower now before I drag you by your feet and put you in the shower."

"Can you take a shower with me than?" he asked with a puppy face

"Yes, but now!"

I didn't even need to ask twice before I asked him again. He ran into the shower and took off his clothes.

"Babe come on, I'm naked and waiting for you. And if you think you can escape from me you're wrong." he yelled from inside the shower

"I'm coming, but I don't want to see your you know what."

"But he wants to see you one last time!"
"Justin Drew Bieber nothing is going to go in me" I said

I walked into the shower. I took off my clothes. When I turned around I saw Justin and his awkward boner. 

"Justin you're *pointing to Jerry*"

"I know I'm sorry babe I can't help it. Every time I see you naked this is what happens." 

"Alright well move over, I'm coming in"

Justin pulled me into a hug. I could feel Jerry try to go inside me. 

This. means. we. are. about. to. have. shower. sex. YEAH. Amazing!

Justin rubs my erection. I could feel his two fingers going inside me slowly than faster. I started moaning. Justin wanted to go get right to it before he was going to be last. He hold me against the shower wall. He put Jerry inside me slowly but yet went faster and the minutes went by.

We finished taking a shower and changed.


Justin just left. Now it was Jenny and I at my house. Ryan and Chaz were also here. Jenny and Ryan were "talking" they both wanted to go out with each other but yet never Ryan still hasn't asked her out. Chaz is taken by Chloe. I think there relationship is rocky. But who knows the only single one is Shelby. Even-though I think Shelby wants to take Chaz away from Chloe. Lets just hope no or else I will be in that drama and I don't want to.

Ryan and Chaz were in the game room playing video game. Jenny and I were in the kitchen.

"I think Ryan and I are so so so close to dating" Jenny said with the biggest smile on her face.

"It's about time. You two are always all over each other." I said laughing

"Oh shut up that's not true. But anyways he asked me out on a date to dinner than the movie." 

"When he is leaving to go with Justin?" I asked

"Um...I think in about a week I'm not sure! Why?" 

"Just wondering?"

The rest of the day went by and nothing happened until at night when I started throwing up out of the ordinary. Huhmmmm......

A/N: There it is another chapter. I now I promised a long chapter but I just spent 3 or 4 hours on HW and I'm tried I will update tomorrow?

So Why is she throwing up?


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