What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


4. Chapter 3

I only had a couple hours until Justin leaves to go back on tour. I don't want him to leave but I was now use to him leaving and coming back. 

"I don't want to leave you, babe!" Justin said, he was laying on my boobs which he loves to do.

"I don't want you to leave either but I'll get to see you I'm about a month." I said, messing with his hair.

"Have I even told you, you have really comfortable boobs?" he said

"You tell me that almost every time we are together." I said

"Oh.. well at least they're mine, nobody else's. UNLESS we have kids one day and you breastfeed then. That's the only reason. If anybody touches then or even looks at them I WILL KILL THEM." he said

"Shut up, Justin! They are not yours there mine and only mine I get to touch them whenever I want to" I said

"I get to touch them too see" he said touching my boobs

"JUSTIN DREW BIEBER who allowed you to touch my boobs?" I said smacking him on the arm

"I did. and why did you hit me? I can do this too." he said kissing my boobs

"You are just in love with my boobs aren't you? touching them, none stopping looking at them, and even kissing them." I said

"Yes I do. One day I'll marry you and YOUR boobs." he said messing around

"If you're marrying me only because of my boobs then find yourself another girl. Its like if I said I will marry you for Jerry." I said

"Well we both know Jerry LOVES you" he said laughing


"Bieber it's already 10 p.m we need to go to bed or else you won't be able to wake up in the morning." I said

"Babe...?" He asked

"Yeah, what's up?" I replied

"Can we like you know....." he said

"Justin Bieber you want to have sex with me again. When we already had sex last night? What if I get prego?" I asked

"Well if you get prego that just means I can have sex with you without protection and then I will be a daddy and you a mommy!" he said with the biggest smile on his face

"But I'm scared to be a mommy. You are the biggest popstar and that just means I'll be having your kids. I'm scared" I said

"Don't be scared all my fans know that I've always wanted to have a kids with the love of my life and that's you" he said

I didn't reply. I cuddle up on him. We weren't going to do anything tonight because I didn't feel comfortable. After us talking, we both fell asleep. 

A/N: I'M SO SO SO SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED. I've been so busy. I will for sure update tomorrow!

 I have a lot of idea for this story. But I want to know what you want to see. Comment what you want to read. I might take some ideas. I'm planning right now. 


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