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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


26. Chapter 23

~The Next Day~

I woke up to Sophia crying. I rolled out of bed and saw Justin still sound asleep with Jayden in the middle of the bed. When did he get here? 

I walked over to Sophia's room. 

*when I talk to Sophia imagine talking in a baby voice*

M: Is my baby hungry?

I picked her up. I sat down and sat down to breastfeed her. I saw what time it was. It was already to 10 in the morning. After I finished feeding her, I brought her with me to the kitchen. I layed her down in her swing. 

I started making some breakfast. I felt arm snake around my waist. I turned around to see Justin. He still had his morning hair and only in boxers. 

J: Good morning babe! Ushers coming by with Scooter around 12. 

M: Good morning! Okay that's fine! I'm taking Jayden to get a haircut then Sophia has a check up. Do you want to come with me?

J: What time is her check up?

He asked picking Sophia up, giving her a kiss on her head. 

M: It's at one. 

J: I wished I could but I don't know how long the meeting with Usher and Scooter is. 

M: It's just a check up so I don't care. Where's Jayden?

J: He's in the living room playing with his toys while watching tv. 

I finished breakfast and served a plate to Justin. 

I went to get Jayden.

M: Jayden baby! Come on you want to eggs with bacon?


This kid loves bacon. #baconislife

I put Jayden in his high chair with come eggs and bacon. I wasn't too hungry so I ate a muffin with some coffee. 

We all got done eating. 

M: I'm gonna take Sophia a bath. 

J: And I'm gonna take a shower. 

M: Can you take a shower with Jayden too?

J: Yeah babe that's fine!

He gave me a kiss and took Jayden to take a shower. 

I finished cleaning the kitchen. 

M: Come on Sophia we gotta take you a bath. 

She started laughing. This little girl loves taking showers. 

I went into our bathroom. Justin and Jayden were in the big shower playing with the water. 

J: Hey babe! You like what you see?

M: No I don't think I do!

J: Yet you still created two beautiful kids with this stud muffin. And I'm gonna want another one or two so yeah!

M: Not in another 3 or 4 year at the most. Two is alot. 

Justin and Jayden finished their shower. 

J: What do I dress Jayden in?

M: Put his diaper on and then I'll find cloths for him. 

J: Okay!

I finished taking Sophia a bath too. 

I went into her room put lotion and a diaper on her.

I dressed her in this: (with spears)

And Sophis was in this: (With yellow polo shoes)

Justin was wearing this:

Damn! I could I ever leave him... He's too cute! 

Justin was downstair cause Usher and Scooter had arrived. I still had to take a shower I put Sophia in her swing and Jayden was playing in his room I wasn't to worried cause the stairs have gates. 

I took a shower and put his on:

My hair was straight and my makeup was more natural looking. I picked up Sophia from her swing. She was sleeping already. Jayden wasn't in in his room anymore so I'm guessing he was with Justin. 

I walked downstairs. All the boys were around the island talking. 

M: Hey guys!

S: Hey Kendall!

U: Hey Kendall! How's baby Sophia?

M: She's good. I got out of the shower to find her sleeping.

S: I can't believe you two started a family before I did. I'm proud!

J: Thanks Scoot! I happy these two little munchkins in my life!

M: Okay well I'm gonna put Sophia in her carseat while I get her bag ready.

I buckled her in the car seat and made Justin watch her. I headed upstairs to get her bag. Then I went downstairs and made two bottles for her. 

M: I'm ready now I need to get Jayden. 

J: Bodyguards are outside ready for you! 

M: Okay! I'll be back around 2ish to drop off the kids. My sisters gonna watch them.

J: Where are you going?

M: I have to go to a check up also and refill on birth control. Cause you are horney all the time and I don't want more Bieber's running around here. 

Scooter and Usher started laughing. 

J: We have condoms. duh!

M: Yeah! We used a condom but then it broke and that's when Jayden was made! They aren't 100% effective. 

U: Wow! You're smart Kendall!

S: And Justin you're stupid!

J: Shut up!

M: I'm gonna go now! Bye!

I gave Justin a kiss. The bodyguard took Sophia. I grabbed the bag my purse, phone, and Jayden. Can't forget him. I sat inbetween the kids. 


A/N: Part 2 is coming up tomorrow! Be on the look out!


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