What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


27. Chapter 23 Part 2

The kids and I were back home! I have an appointment so I'm leaving them here with my mom and sister. Justin went to the studio a little after I left. But he should be back once I get back because we are going to dinner than a basketball game. My mom volunteered to babysit Sophia while we went. Justin wanted to bring Jayden because he loves basketball. 

M: Mom I'm leaving I'll be back in a hour. Justin should be back by than cause we have to leave at 4ish. 

Mom: Okay honey! Thats fine! Bye!

I got into my Range Rover. I didn't need bodyguards cause I was going to the doctors and back. 

~~ Back Home ~~

I walked in to see Justin playing with Sophia. Sophia was laughing with Jayden laughing also. I love my small family! I grabbed my phone and went to instagram. Justin had Sophia in the air and Jayden was looking up. I took the picture and posted it, "I thank god for giving me a great little family! I hope it gets bigger in the future! I love you @justinbieber and of course Sophia and Jayden! 

Justin saw me watching him.

J: Hey babe!

He walked over to me and gave me a kiss. 

I looked at the clock it read 3:15.

M: Are we leaving at 4? 

J: Yeah!

M: Well I'm gonna go take Jayden another shower cause he has small little hair on him and it's bothering him then I'm gonna change into my Lakers jersey!

J: Alright I'm gonna change too and also Scooter and Yael are joining us for dinner they are going to the game too but we have seats closer than them. 

M: Okay that's fine! 

I kissed him again. I took Jayden upstairs. 

I took him a shower and put this on him:

then I changed into this: 

Justin and Jayden were basically twins after Justin twins except he had purple vans on. 

I went into the bathroom to take a mirror pic with Jayden. 

M: Jayden look at the mirror!

I was about to press the bottom when Justin comes in. 

J: So a picture without daddy?

M: Yeah! But I guess you can join us now that you are here!

He put his arms around my waist. I pressed the bottom and posted it on Instagram! But instead I took Justin's phone and posted it on there. 

With the caption, "Taking out my family to dinner than Lakers game! Sad I can't take Sophia but once she gets older we'll take her!" 

J: Ready to go?

M: Yeah! Come on Jayden lets go!

We walked downstairs! My mom was rocking Sophia, my sister had left a while ago. 

Mom: Pattie called she said she would be here tonight. She wanted to see Sophia and Jayden but I told you two were taking he to the game. 

J: Okay! I'll call her on my way to dinner. If you hungry you can take any car with you. or order anything you want. I left the extra credit card on the counter top. 

M: Sophia's car seat is in the Range Rover. 

Mom: Thanks! Bye Jayden!

Jayden went to give her a hug and a kiss. 

M & J: Bye!

The bodyguards were already waiting for us outside. We got in the car. 

M: Where are we eating?

J: Yael has been craving Olive Garden, so we decided Olive Garden!

M: Oh yeah she's pregnant. I've been through what she's feels two times already! 

J: And I've had to deal with you two times already too!

M: Oh shut up! You know you love me!

J: True!

~~ Olive Garden~~

We sat in a booth waiting for Scooter and Yael! I finally saw them coming in.

S: I'm sorry Yael was taking forever!

Y: Hey it was you too. 

S: I don't know how you deal with pregnant women?

J: You're telling me. I have two kids. This is you first Scooter deal with it!

S: Oh god!

M: It's just the first time but then once the second comes you'll be an expert!

Y: I hope so! I know I'm gonna need help when the baby come. My mom's staying with me but only the first week! 

M: I can help you if you want! Sophia will be around 7 or 8 months once the baby comes! You should practice on Sophia!

S: That doesn't sound bad!

M: How about tomorrow I drop Sophia off in the morning and pick her up at night or maybe in the morning?

Y: Yeah that sounds amazing and we could help any practice!

S: While Sophia's gone please don't make more babies. 

J: NO two is good for now!

M: I can't do anything cause I have stitches down there.

Y: Oh god!

The rest the time we ate and talking some more. Justin payed for all of us. We got back in the car and headed to The Staple Center! 

~ an hour later ~ 

Traffic was awful. Jayden was already sleeping. I hope once he wakes up he's not fussy. 

Hugo: We have to go through the back and to the suit upstairs. 

J: Okay! 

Hugo pulled around. Justin carried Jayden to the room. Once we got there I sat down, Justin out Jayden on my lap. He was still sleeping. 

J: We are going down to the floor in about an hour but if you want to stay up here with Jayden you can. 

M: He'll wake up by then!

J: Okay, I'm gonna go grab a beer I'll be right back. 

Justin want to grab a beer. It takes along time for him to get drunk so we were all good! 

J: Babe turn and face the camera! 

M: Really, Shots? 

J: Yes know smile.

We took the pic and he posted it on shots. This kid is obsessed with Shots 


The rest of the night went pretty good! Justin, Jayden, and I went down to the floor after he woke up. When we made it to the floor, Kobe was practicing. We sat down. Jayden was watching them practice on Justin's lap. They were having a father son moment. I took a pic and set it as my wallpaper, it was too cute! I look up to see Kobe coming to greet us! 

K: Hey! Mr. and Mrs. Bieber!

M: Hey!

J: Hey bro!

K: And who's this little man here?

Jayden looked at him and smiled. 

J: He's Jayden. 

K: Jayden Bieber! I like your jersey and shoes. 

J: Say thanks!

Jayden: *baby voice* Thank you!

K: Can I borrow him? I wanna take him with me to do a little slam dunk. 

J: Yeah that's fine!

Kobe carried Jayden. I'm surprised he's not crying. He doesn't like strangers. I took a video and pictures of Kobe and Jayden together. 

Kobe came back to return him. 

K: He's a good little boy!

J: Thanks!

We watched the game. The Lakers had won, who were they playing against I'm not sure I didn't care either! We went back home. Jayden was already sleeping so I went to change him and put him to bed. Pattie and my mom were in the living room talking!

M: Hey thanks for watching her! I'm taking her to Scooter and Yael's so they can take care of her. They needed some practice before the baby come and I offered. They said it sounded great!

P: That sounds smart. Where Justin?

J: Right here!

M: Well I'm tired I'm gonna go now! Goodnight!

P & Mom: Goodnight!

J: I'll see ya in a bit! 

I went to the bedroom, changed, and fell asleep! 


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