What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


24. Chapter 22

"I left Justin about 2 weeks ago. I'm staying at a pent house in Beverly Hills with the kids. Justin has tried everything to get me back but nothing has worked. I want him to realize that what he did was awful and he shouldn't ever do it again. When I'm ready I'll give him a second chance.  

"Mommy where's daddy?" Jayden said in his baby voice. I could tell he was about to cry, he misses his dad. Justin still sees Jayden and Sophia. Just because we aren't talking doesn't mean I'm going to keep them away from his dad. 

Today, I'm dropping them off at the house. His mom is visiting and wanted to see them. Pattie knows what's going on and has talked to Justin. 

I took a shower and wore this: (I'm sorry if I repeat the outfits)

And then took Jayden a bath and changed him into this: (w/ sperry's)

And finally baby Sophia: (w/ polo shoes)

 We are ready to go. I picked Sophia up and put her in her car seat. 

"Jayden come on lets go to daddy's house." I yelled so he could here me from his room. 

"Okay mommy!" 

"Let's go!" 

We walked out of the hotel to greeted by paparazzi. Thank god I have bodyguards with me. 

"Hello. Mrs. Bieber! Where to?"

"We are gonna drop the kids off at Justin's then to my mom business in downtown LA!" I told one of the guys

"Alright lets go!"

"Once we get to Justin's I can drive myself cause I also have some more things to do!" 

"Are you sure?"



We finally make it to the house. I saw Justins car was in the driveway and some other cars too. Which means he's home with friends over thank god his mom is home.

I get Sophia out of her car seat. She has fallen asleep and so has Jayden. I tell one of my guards to bring him in for me. I walk in and I see a shirt Justin with some other guys. Justin comes running towards me. 

"Babe. You're here!"

"First don't call me babe and I only came to drop off the kids. I'm gonna go lay Sophia down in her crib. Can you get Jayden and put him in his room.?" 


I walked upstairs with Justin behind me. I drop off Sophia. I turn around to get out of the house but before I could go downstairs I got stopped by Justin.

He grabs my arm and turns me around. I was just an inch aways from his face. 

"Please Kendall come back home. We have two kids and we're married. It's been two weeks. I miss you so fucking much. I'm always in the studio depressed missing you and the kids. I miss us as a family. I miss coming come and Jayden running up to me screaming daddy. I miss seeing Sophia sleeping inbetween us at night. I miss cuddle with you. I get up in the morning and realize I was a shitty husband who cheated on her wife. I made a mistake. I will NEVER hurt you. I did it once and I won't do it again. Please just give me another chance. I promise I've changed." 

I was silent. I didn't know what to say. I missed him too! 

I saw him crying, which made me cry too. He's the father of my two beautiful children. How can I not forgive him?

"I miss you too!" I gave him a huge hug."I'll come back!" 

"Thanks you Kendall for giving me another chance. I will NEVER EVER hurt you." he said smiling whipping off his tears. 

"Well I have to go now!"

"Where are you going?"

"I have a meeting with my mom and then I have an interview with Ryan Seacrest! After that I'm going to the penthouse to pick up all our stuff. I promise I'll be back!" 

"Okay! I'll see you later!!" 

I gave him a kiss and left to get the Range Rover. 

~~*skip to the Interview*~~

"Today we have an amazing talented young lady in the studio. She's here to let us know a secret not many people know except Scooter Braun and anyone who's part of Island Def Jam Music Group. And we're also going to be asked her some questions fans have send in. Let's get Kendall Bieber in the studio. Welcome Kendall!"

"Hi, Ryan! Thanks for inviting me here."

"No thank you! So how have you been lately?"

"I've been good. This past month has had it's ups and downs. But Justin and I have worked things out and now we are back together as of this morning when I dropped off the kids!"

"I'm happy for you two! Justin's been in the studio alot since the split between you two!"

"Yes he has and I've been working on a little project of mine that not many people know about!"

"Can I ask what that project is?"

"This is the first time I've talked about it. So a couple of years ago not many people know but I want studying to become a manager. I went to UCLA but then I went into online college because I was so busy. Justin knew but he doesn't know what I'm gonna be doing. So I talked to LA Reid and he saw that I was ready to work with someone. I went online and check out who's popular online but isn't signed. I ended finding two bestfriends with the same names they're Jack & Jack. Many young ladies have heard of them but they haven't been signed. I showed Scooter and LA Reid they told me they were really good and want them in the office ASAP. I came in contact with them. I brought them down to LA from Omaha. We checked out what they could do in the studio. We ended up loving them so next week we'll have them come down and I'll be there manger. I'm excited to be working with them. I see they have a bright future ahead of them."

"What was their reaction when you called them?"

"They were shocked. When I picked them up they were like "Oh My God I can't believe I'm the same truck as Justin Bieber's wife." I just laughed and said "Well you're gonna have to get use to it cause Justin will be around alot too!" 

"Wow! I'm happy you can make other people achieve their dreams!"

"Thanks I love my job!" 

"So we have 5 questions that we picked from some fans." 


"Are you and Justin planning on having more kids?"

"As of now no. Jayden's two and half and then Sophia's two months. We won't have much time for more kids. But maybe once Sophia's like three or four I'm pretty sure Justin's gonna want at least one more."

"Okay another one. What's the cutest thing Jayden does?"

"Jayden likes to protect Sophia. If she's crying he'll come and get Justin or me."

"If you wouldn't have met Justin what would you be doing right now?"

"I would've been a model for my mom's fashion line"

"Who is the most famous person you have ever met?"

"I don't know thats a hard question. Let me think. Probably Beyonce. I met her at my moms office. I started freaking out but I kept my cool!"

"Was Justin jealous?"

"Oh yeah. I remember he was going to pick me up for a date. While the date I told him and he was very jealous!"

"Okay last question. How do you relax when you have a busy house?"

"I tell Justin to take care of the kids while I'm in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine and music in the background like the movies."

"Sounds relaxing! Well thanks Kendall coming by!"

"Thanks for having me!"

I left the studio and went straight to the penthouse. 

I received a phone call from Justin.


"Hey babe! Where are you at?"

"I'm on my way to the penthouse I'll be home in about two hours."

"Okay! I miss you already! I took the kids out to frozen yogurt and then my mom took them to the park. I came to the studio but I'll be home in an hour!"

"Okay I love you! Wait when are you going to put something out for your fans? They are dieing to hear something new from you."

"I'm not sure yet!"

"Okay fine! Bye I love you!

"I love you too!"

I hung up and continued to Beverly Hills. 


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