What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


22. Chapter 20

*4 months later*

Baby Sophia Nicole Bieber was born April 7. She's a month old now.

Justin has been the best dad and husband. He still goes to the studio and makes music but he also finds time to be with his family. 

Right now, I took Jayden with me to the mall. Justin is with Sophia at home. I wanted to get out of the house and spend time Jayden. He loves being an older brother. He protects Sophia. If she's crying he come and get Justin or me. It's really cute. 


I look at my phone it's Justin. I answer it. 

M: Hello.

J: Sophia is fussy and won't stop crying. 

M: Have you tried giving her a bottle.

J: Yes. But she wants you boob not the bottle. 

M: Okay I'll be home in about 15 minutes. Bye.

J: Bye. See ya in a bit.

*end of call*

M: Jayden we had to go cause sister won't stop crying. 

I cared Jayden out to the car and put him in his car sit. Off to the house we go. 

I walk inside. Jayden runs to his toy room and I go upstairs to the baby's room. Justin rocking her. 

J: Babe. You're home. 

Sophia stopped crying. I glanced at her a bit and I'm guessed she saw me because she started crying.

M: Let me just change and then I'll grab her. Put her in her crib. Jayden's downstairs I bought some food so can you feed him please. 

J: Yes. But can I have a kiss first?

I gave him a quick kiss. I went into my room and changed into a tank top. I went to go check on Sophia she was still crying. I grabbing her. I sat on the rocking chair. I put a blanket under her so she would be comfortable. I pulled my bra down and feed her minutes later I switched boobs. I heard Jayden running upstairs with Justin behind him. 

J: Hey babe. I told you she wanted your boob. And can I be next?

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. 

M: Aren't you funny?!

J: I am. Kendell?

M: Yeah?

J: We haven't had sex since we made Sophia. I miss you!

M: I knew you would ask me. I'm sorry I'm so busy with Jayden and Sophia I don't give you any attention. I'm sorry babe!

J: You owe me alot. 

M: I promise but not today!

J: Ok. Come on Jayden lets go to the pool. 

Justin took Jayden outside to the pool. Sophia was done eating, she fell asleep so I layed her back in her crib.

I went to join my boys outside. I had a VS bikini. I may have had 2 kids but I'm still 20 years old with a great body!

I open the door. Justin just looked at me without blinking. 

M: Babe. Close your mouth you're gonna catch flies and blink or your eyes will get dry.

J: Damn. I have one hot momma. 

Jay: No she's my mommy.

J: But she was my mommy first. 

Both of them come running and hug me. Jayden's hugging my legs. He's too cute. Justin carries me bridal styles into the pool.


Jayden was laughing his butt off.  

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