What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


19. Chapter 17

Today's the day, I become Mrs. Bieber. I would be lieing if I said I wasn't nervous! 

My family and Justin's family is all here in our house. Things are crazy. I'm trying to get ready and Justin and all the groom are at the ceremony already. 

This is my dress and the tux that Jayden's wearing:

And this is the venue, rings, and cake:



*I'm skipping the ceremony because it's too long sorry*


I'm officially married to the best guy I've ever met. 

J: Babe we're married. Now when can we make more babies?

M: Not tonight cause we'll have Jayden.

J: No we won't have Jayden cause my mom's taking his for about two weeks. And right about the party we are going straight to the airport.

M: I need cloths though. And where are we going?

J: Your mom already our cloths packed and our honeymoon. 

M: Where too?

J: Some where far away.

M: I see you won't tell me and I'm gonna do spent some time with Jayden since I won't see him for two weeks. Don't you think thats too much time?

J: No that'll be perfect because that mean we can have sex whenever we want without people or babies interrupting us. 

M: Hahaha you are too funny.

I gave him a quick kiss and went to hi to the guests. 

(guest- g)

M: Hi, is everyone having a good time? 

G: Yes thanks!

I say my mom and went over to her. 

M: Hey mom!

Mom: Hey sweety! Are you having fun? 

M: I'm having a blast. But where's Jayden?

Mom: Pattie took him to the room in the back because he was getting tired and fussy.

M: Ok thanks I'm gonna go see him!

Mom: Ok.

I went to the room in the back. Justin was already putting Jayden to sleep.

J: I see you found us. 

M: Yeah. I want my baby!

P: Which one?

I started laughing. 

M: At the moment I prefer Jayden. I'm stuck with Justin for two weeks after this.

P: Oh yeah the honerymoon!

M: Yeah!

P: Am I gonna be a grandma again?

I look over at Justin.

J: Yeah and Jayden's gonna be a big brother!

I took Jayden from Justin. 

P: I'm gonna leave you three alone.

M: I'll be out there in a minute.

J: We're a finally a family. 

Justin gave me a passionate kiss. Him lips are so soft and beautiful.

M: Now it's us again the world.

J: Yes it is and I know we can do it!


For the past two hours we've cut the cake and danced the rest of the night. I was so tired!

J: Babe the planes waiting for us and so is the limo to take us to the airport!

M: Alright.

I send thanks you to everyone and left in Justin's arms.


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