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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


18. Chapter 16

~~ 4 months later ~~

One month from today is our wedding. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. 

Jayden has been really fussy and crying all week. Justin's been in the studio all day. I'm at home all by myself. My sister is with her boyfriend. Justin said he would be here at 8 at night and it's only 11 in the morning. It's gonna be a long day. 

Jayden has a check up later today. 

I went downstairs to make myself a coffee to get my day started.

I drank my delicious coffee. Now time to take Jayden a shower. I walk into him room and he's already awake.

M: hey jayden.

He started laughing and jumping in his crib.

M: Lets go take you a bath so I can take you to the doctors. 

I pick him up and walk over my bathroom. 

I take him a bath and put his on him:

with his Gucci shoes:

M: Lets go to the kitchen so I can give you a bottle cause you are gonna need a nap before the doctors. 

I was walking to the kitchen when the doorbell rings. I went t go see to who it was. It's Fredo. I open the door and give him a big hug. 

M: Hey what are you doing here?

F: I was on my way to the studio to hang out with Justin but I wanted to see this little man first. 

I handed him Jayden. 

M: I was about to give him a bottle so he can take nap.

F: Everytime I see him he looks more and more like Justin. 

We walked over to the kitchen. 

M: Yeah I know. 

F: So when are you two having baby number two. I know Jayden probably wants a brother or sister to play with later. 

M: I don't know yet. If I told Justin like right now. He would speed over here and make one but nope not until we're married.

F: I've talked to Justin and he wants about 4 kids. So only 3 more. You already have the first one not three more. It's not that much work. 

M: The guys only help make the baby and the girls have to carry it for 9 months. 

F: You'll be fine and you look pretty pregnant. 

M: Thanks. I need to go take a shower are you gonna hang around or are you leaving?

F: I'm leaving. I'll be back later with Justin. 

M: Okay!

He handed Jayden to me and left. I went upstairs. I put Jayden in his crib with his bottle. I went to go take a shower. 

I put this on:

I put on natural looking makeup and my hair was naturally curly. 

Jayden was crying in his room. I walked over to him picked him up and got the diaper bag also. 

M: Lets go Jayden to your check up. And maybe we can pass by the studio to see your dad.

I went into the garage to put Jayden in the new Range Rover that Justin bought me last week.

I grabbed my purse and phone, I'm officially ready to go. 


Jayden's appointment went perfect. Now, I'm on my way to the studio. I pulled into the parking lot. There were fans outside on the building. I grab Jayden from his car seat. We're heading over to the entrance. Fans see Jayden and I. We are in trouble. 

Fan: Can I have a picture with you?

M: Sure.

I took a picture with her. I would take more pictures but Jayden started crying.

M: It's okay baby. This are your daddy's fans. They love him. 

I got into the building and went upstairs to the studio. I saw that they weren't recording so I walked in. 

J: Babe!

He walked over and gave Jayden and I a kiss. 

J: What are you two doing here?

M: Just came by to say hi and how it was going.

Justin took Jayden. He played with his. He's a great dad. 

M: Fredo came by the house before he came here. 

J: Yeah I heard. How was his appointment?

M: He's a healthy baby boy.

F: And now you two can make some more. 

Za: Yes. I love being an uncle. 

Ryan: Me too!

J: I'm tellin you babe!

M: After you're officially married. I don't want to be prego and getting married.

J: Honeymoon it is!

J: Jayden do you want a sister or brother. How about we try for a sister?

Justin looked at me. 

M: I don't decide. It's whatever sperm you give me. 

Ryan: So try giving her a girl sperm.

J: Yeah like I have control of what to choose. 


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