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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


15. Chapter 13

(When I talk to Jayden, imagine it in a baby voice)

Jayden woke me up! I got up without waking Justin up. Justin's a heavy sleeper as you can see. It was still dark outside. I looked at the clock in the baby's room, it's 7 a.m. 

I picked Jayden up!

M: It's okay mamas got you! 

I changed his diaper quickly so he wouldn't pee on me. I wrapped him up in his blanket. 

M: Lets go feed you but I'm gonna have to feed you in my bed or else your daddy will wake-up and mamas not gonna be there. 

I walk in and Justin's already half awake. 

M: Why are you awake babe?

J: I didn't feel you next to me. 

M: I'm sorry your son was crying and he's hungry. I'm gonna feed him here. But please don't get horny when you see my boobs. 

I put my pillow against the headboard and Jayden's pillow under him. I pulled my shirt up, I don't wear bras to bed because they are uncomfortable. 

J: Babe why do you do this to me. 

I fixed Jayden se he could latch on to me. 

J: You suck on that titty Jayden. I proud of you!

M: Justin please stop!

Next thing I know Justin's hand was on my other boobs massaging it. 

J: I'm getting it ready for him. 

I switched boobs. 

Justin's really horny this morning. 

M: Babe what is wrong with you. You work up really horny. If you need to just masturbate. I'm not going anything with while Jayden's in the room.

J: Well when he falls back asleep you can take him back to his room and we can you know....

I gave him the `are you kidding me` look. 

J: Come on we haven't done it since you were like 3 months pregnant. 

I was finished feeding Jayden. 

M: I'm gonna take his to his room. 

J: And I'll get the condoms ready. 

M: Hahaha too funny!

I took Jayden back and went to the room again.

J: I'm ready for you babe. 

M: Please stop!

I was about to lay down when Justin grabs me by my waist and gets on top of me. 

M: I don't want to create another Jayden. 

J: We won't don't worry. 

He kissed me down to me neck with his hands feeling me to the tip of my shirt. He took off my shirt shirt. Releasing my boobs. He put his face in between my boobs. Slowing kissing me down my stomach. I wanted to control him now so I flipped us over. 

M: It's my turn. 

J: Ohh..okay...

I went straight to his sweet spot. I already knew where it was so I sucked on it making a make on his neck. His moans were turning me on. I kissed him down to his boxers. Jerry was popping out of his boxers calling my name. I pulled down his boxers to see Jerry long and hard. I grabbed him and pumped him fast. I licked and stuffed him in my mouth. Before I could do anything else. Justin grabbed me and pushed me on our couch that we have in our room.

J: Are you ready?

M: But first make sure the door is locked I don't want our parents walking in out us. 

He walked to lock the door. 

M: Oh that ass. 

I was laying on the couch ready for Jerry. He grabbed the condoms and put them on. 

J: Are you ready?

M: Hurry up!!!

He rubbed Jerry on my cliff teasing me. Slowly inserting him into me. I was moaning `cause it hurt a little. 

M: FASTER............

I pumped faster into me. I was scratching his back like no other. We were now on the floor. I was now on control. I was jumping on top of Justin and Jerry.

J: Damn babe you still got it. 

My boobs were going all over the place until Justin started massaging them. We were getting tired so he cared me to our bed. 

J: Morning sex is the best sex when it's with you. 

M: Yeah it is. 

J: I'm gonna take a shower.

M: Did the condom break?

J: Let me check. Nope its all good!

M: Okay go take a shower.

J: Can we take a shower together? 

He has a puppy face. 

J: We already did it.

M: But I'm tired. 

J: I don't care we will take a shower together. 

Justin carried me to the shower and we took a shower together. 

A/N: There's another chapter. I hope you liked the sex scene!

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