What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


14. Chapter 12

I was playing with Jayden outside in the sun. It was 4:30 o'clock people would start arriving any minute. I went back inside to see what everyone was doing. Avery, Pattie, and my mom had taken a shower already they were setting up the buffet. Justin, Jeremy, and my dad were getting tables out of the garage to take them outside. 

J: How's the cutest baby in the world doing?

Justin gave Jayden a kiss and continued doing his thing. 

I put Jayden in his bassinet next to the couch where Jazzy and Jazon were sitting. 

M: Hey Jazzy and Jaxon. How are you?

They gave Jayden and I a kiss. 

Jazzy: Can I hold the baby?

Jaxon: Me too!

M: Later, he just fell asleep when he wakes up. I'm going to go help Pattie. 

I walked over to the kitchen which is next to the living room. 

M: Do we still need help over here?

P: No I think we are done. Where my baby at?

M: I layed him down in his bassinet. He fell asleep.

A: Damn sis you look nice. I never really look at you but you don't look like you had a baby four months ago. 

M: Yeah I know! I try to workout whenever Jayden's sleeping. 

P: That's good. When I had Justin I never really came back to my normal weight I was 5 or 6 pounds more. 

Mom: That's how I was too!

P: You're lucky!

I felt someone put there arms around my waist. I turned around and it was Justin. 

M: Hey!

J: How's my baby been?

M: He's been good!

J: I meant you not Jayden.

M: I've been amazing!

J: When am I going to have some alone time with you? You're always taking care of Jayden. 

Justin had a sad face. 

P: Tomorrow's Sunday! You two can have all  day together and I can take care the baby.

Mom: Yeah that's fine with me. 

J: We will take that?

Jazzy came running in the kitchen.

Jazzy: Juju the baby's crying. 

M: I'll go get him. He probably needs a diaper change. 

A: He's probably hungry too. 

J: Oh if he's hungry then I'll go with you. 

M: What a perv. 

I walked over to Jayden, he was crying. I picked him up. I could smell poop.

M: Aww...why are you crying baby? Mommy and daddy are here. Do you want daddy to change you? And I'll feed you?

J: I will not change him. 

M: Then do you want to feed him?

J: I would but I don't have boobs that have milk. 

I layed him down on his changing table and changed him. 

I bell rung. Oh no people are here. 

J: Babe! People are here. 

M: Tell them I'll be down there in a couple of minutes. 

J: Ok!
I finished changing him. I sat down on the rocking chair. I started feeding him when I hear someone coming. I covered Jayden and my boob with his blanket. They open the door and to my surprise it's Jenny! My BFF that I haven't seen in forever. 

M: OH MY GOD! Jenny what are you doing here? 

She gave me an awkward hug. 

J: Justin called me and told me to come over. I'm staying here for a couple of weeks. 

M: You're kidding right?

J: Nope you got one lucky man by your side. well except Jayden. I haven't seen since he was born and you moved in with Justin. How is it living with him?

M: It's amazing! He's a great dad!

J: Has he asked you to marry him yet?

M: Nope I'm not Mrs. Bieber. Even though we both have a baby together. 

J: How's Jayden?

M: He's good.

I took the blanket off of his and fixed my shirt and bra. 

M: You want to hold him?

J: YES!!

I gave Jayden to Jenny. 

M: Let me grab a blanket and we can go outside to join the party. 

Jenny was talking to the baby. 

M: Lets go!

We were walking downstair. There was people every where. I was greeting everyone. Everyone gave Jayden a kiss. 

M: So any boyfriend?

J: haha no but Justin wants Ryan and I together?

M: Ryan? as in Ryan Butler?

J: Yep. 

M: He would do something like that. Ryan and Chaz should be here somewhere. 

J: Yeah probably. 

I was looking for Justin. I found him outside by the bar.

M: Oh look there's Ryan, Chaz, and Justin by the bar. 

J: Oh god.  

A: Can I borrow Jayden for a while?

M: Yeah here's his blanket. 

Jenny handed Jayden. 

J: I want a baby after holding him. 

M: Well you can a Butler baby or a Somers baby? 

J: Isn't Chloe dating Chaz? 

M: I'm not sure I haven't talked to Chaz I forever. Ryan came down from Canada like 2 weeks ago. 

JB: Oh look who it is my hot baby mama and Jenny!

M: I'm not your baby mama.

JB: We created Jayden. 

M: So...

R: Where is Jayden I want to hold him. 

M: Avery has him. But Ryan do you have a girlfriend?

R: Nope. Single ready to mingle. 

JB: You're single too aren't you Jenny?

J: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want Ryan. 

I laughed. 

M: You're too funny. 


Thew whole afternoon/night went by good. I put Jayden in his crib. Justin and I are laying in bed. He has his arms around me with his head on my boobs. 

J: Thank god for Jayden `cause your boobs are even more comfortable than they were before. I think we should have more kids. 

M: You're crazy Jayden's enough work I can't imagine two. And plus you're always working. I want to work too. I don't want you to making all the money because I feel like I'm using you. 

J: Babe. You're not using me. I working harder because I want our family to be happy and so we can grow our family even bigger. 

M: You're turning 20 soon and I'm turning 19. Can I be at least 20 until we have the next one? 

J: But then Jayden will be 2. 

M: You're right 23. 

J: Kendall you're killing. 

M: Awww.. Am I really? I know you too well you just want to have sex with me. 

J: Okay you're right. 

M: We can just use protection and I'm on birth control so I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. 

J: Oh yeah and have I ever told you that this room is soundproof? I made it just for you because I know you're a screamer. 

I smacked his back. 

M: I'm done with you. Goodnight!

J: Haha goodnight!

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