What did I do?

One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


13. Chapter 11

~~~ 4 Months Later ~~~

Jayden is 4 months today. 

These pasted 4 months have been CRAZY! Justin has been in the studio finishing up things. Pattie left and my mom came over help me. I'm getting use to being a mom now. Thankfully Jayden's a great baby. He doesn't cry unless he's hungry or needs a diaper change. Talking about diaper changing. Justin ONLY changes diapers when he pees. He still doesn't change the poopy one's yet. 

Today, Justin and my family are coming over for a family dinner. Avery, Leah, and I are making dinner while my mom takes care of Jayden. Justin's in the studio but he should be here any minute.

My oldest sister Avery, 21, lives with me now because doesn't feel like paying for an apartment in LA. She's going to UCLA but she graduates in a year or two. She was living in a dorm but when she found out where Justin and I lived she wanted to live with us. Justin said it was fine. It's fun having Avery around. When she's not at college we're at the mall or something. 

M: When is you're boyfriend coming? or if you even have one.

A: Haha... you're funny! He'll be here in a couple of minutes!

M: Awww....well aren't you two cute?

A: How long until everyone gets here?

M: It's 2 and I told everyone to be here at 5ish.  

A: Okay. 

We were talking when Jayden started crying. 

M: I'll be right back. I think he's hungry. 

A: I hope I can be a great mom and much as you are. I would of never thought you would've my little sister would be a mom before me. You have a great guy and a great son. And you're life's perfect so. You have an amazing little family with a mansion. 

M: Ahh. Avery you'll be a great mom one day just wait. I would of never thought I would have a kid but things happen and I'm happy to have a little family. 

I gave Avery a hug. 

A: You might want to got feed Jayden now. 

M: Yeah I think I should. 

I was about to go upstairs to get Jayden when Justin walks in the house. 

J: Hey babe. I'm back!

I walk back downstairs and give him a kiss. 

J: Where are you going? 

M: I'm gonna feed Jayden real quick he was crying but I think my mom calmed him down. 

J: I'll come with you. 

We walked upstairs and into the baby room. My mom was rocking him to get him calm.

Mom: Look who's here Jayden you're mommy and daddy. 

I grabbed Jayden from my mom. 

M: Thanks for looking after him. If you want you can take a nap or do whatever you want we got him from here.

Mom: I'm gonna help Avery with food and then I'll take a shower. 

M: Alright that's fine. 

Justin and I went to our room. I got on bed with Jayden in my arms. 

J: Babe. I'm gonna take a quick shower. 

M: Okay and then I'll take a shower after you. 

I put a pillow under Jayden so I could breastfeed him. I lifted up my shirt and Jayden latched onto my nipple. 

J: Jayden's one lucky baby. 

M: I thought you were in the shower. 

J: I was getting cloths. 

Justin came over to me and gave Jayden a kiss on the head. 

I turned on the TV while I fed Jayden. 

I switched boobs. Minutes later, Jayden was done eating. He was passed out. I put him next to me so he could sleep. 

J: I'm done!

Justin was wearing this:

M: Good. So I can take Jayden a bath quickly.

J: But he's sleeping. 

M: I know but I need to take him a bath. He'll go to sleep right after I take him a bath. Watch him a sec so I can go get his cloths from his room. 

J: Alright! I can bond with baby Bieber.!

I laughed and went to get Jayden's outfit from his cloths. He has as much cloths as his dad. I came back to the room and Justin was baby talking Jayden. It was too cute. 

M: You want to take him a bath?

J: No, I'll just watch. 

M: Okay but while I get the water ready take his cloths off and wrap him up in a blanket so he won't get cold. 

I went to get the water ready. 

M: BABE! You can bring him now. 

Justin brought him and gave him to me. 

M: He's gonna start crying once I put him in the water. 

I sat him down and started pouring small amounts of water on his small body. He started crying so I tried to finish up quickly. I was now done. I handed him to Justin so he could wrap Jayden in his towel. 

M: Take him back in the room and dry him off. 

J: Okay. 

~Justin talking to Jayden~

J: Hi baby. You are so cute and look just like your mommy. I love you so much. 

I kept looking at Justin talking to Jayden. They are two perfect. 

I dressed Jayden in this:

M: He's all done! Can you take care of him while I take a shower?

J: Yeah take as long as you want. I'll be downstairs. 

M: Okay. Thank you.

Justin left and I took a shower. 

I put this on: (without the purse)

I dried my hair and straightened it. My make-up was a little bit on the natural side. 

I headed downstairs. Where everyone was. 

J: Look Jayden it's your mom with her heals on. 

I laughed at Justin. I picked Jayden up and took him with me outside to sit on the bench. 

I was sitting down with Jayden on my lap. 

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