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One day, Kendall wanted to have fun with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. They had a little too much fun. One thing led to another, Justin leaves to continue his tour. What's going to happen when Kendall breaks the news to Justin?


12. Chapter 10

~~ 2 Months Later ~~

My belly is about to pop. I'm 9 months prego, which means Jayden will come any day or minute. 

Justin and I have moved into the new house. 

Pattie is staying with because Justin always in the studio. 

I was about to take a shower when I felt like a peed my pants. I look down and it was clean with some blood. My water broke.


Pattie came running in.

P: What happened?

M: My water broke.

P: Okay lets go I'll call Justin on our way to the hospital. 

Pattie helped me out the car. 

She called Justin. 

We made it to the hospital, I was being taken into the deliver room.

*I'm going to skip the delivery processes*

Justin was holding Jayden Drew Bieber. 

  Jayden has the color hair and eyes as me. His mouth and nose are just like Justin.

J: Hi baby I'm your daddy and your mommy is over there sleeping.

A tear came out of my eyes see Justin with Jayden. I can't believe I have a kid with Justin.

J: Oh look you mommys away. I think we woke her up. 

Justin handed Jayden to me. He started crying.

J: Babe I think he's hungry.

M: I think so too. You better not get a boner because I will be breastfeeding him. 

J: Don't worry about it babe. 

I put a pillow around me. I pulled my shirt up. I fixed Jayden so he was comfortable. Jayden was a natural. Once he felt my nipple he would latch on. 

J: You suck on that boob. 

M: Shut up Justin. 

I switch Jayden to my other boob. 

J: Can I have some milk?

M: Justin no this is all for the baby not you.

J: Jayden can you please share some. 

M: He said no. Sorry babe.


My family and Justin's family came by to see Jayden. They all fell in love with him. 

P: Aww he's so cute. 

Mom: I can't believe you two created this beautiful boy.

Dad: My baby girl is growing up so fast.

Jeremy: Does he cry alot?

M: Just when he's hungry or needs a diaper change but other than no he's quiet.

Mom: That's good.

A nurse came in.

N: Mrs. and Mr. Bieber you can leave tonight. Let me take the baby so I can take him a shower. 

The nurse left with Jayden.

M: Well I'm going to change because I want to go home a sleep. I'm tired. 

J: Let me help you.

Justin helped me to the bathroom and he also helped me change. 

M: Can you give me my bra?

J: This one?

M: No the other one it'll be easier to feed him.

J: Alright turn around so I can help you.

He put my bra on and help me with my pants and shirt. We walked out to the room. Jayden was in his crate ready to go. 

M: Babe did you bring the car seat for him/

J: Oh I forgot in the truck. I'll go get it.

Justin went to get the car seat. I grabbing Jayden he was sound asleep. 

Pattie and my mom where packing everything up. Jeremy and my dad where talking. 

J: Okay I pulled the truck to the entrance and here's the car seat.

He put the car seat on the bed. I put on it and wrapped him up with some blankets.

P: We'll go ahead to go so everything can be ready for him. 

M: Okay that's fine. 

Jeremy and my dad joined them.

M: If you want you can stop by and get something to eat. Justin's going to go through the drive thru and get something for us.  

P: Okay that's fine.

The nurse brought me a wheel chair so I didn't have to walk to the door. Justin had the diaper bag and Jayden. He's such a good dad.

We made it the door but we could see fans. The good thing is that there's bodyguards everywhere.

J: Let me put Jayden in the truck and them I'll help you.

He put Jayden in and than came it get me. I sat in the back so I could be with the baby. 

A/N: Awww.. Jayden's here finally!

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