Young & Stupid

When your step brothers best friend turns out to be pretty damn irresistible, things can only get worse, right?


1. One

“Don’t you dare pout, sweetie, this is going to be fun! You’ve got your step brother there, right? I bet you’ll meet loads of new friends too.” Mum tried to stay positive, but I could hear clearly how annoyed she was by the fact that I was acting like I was on my way to my own funeral. But I’m just going to college. The same college where my step brother Louis goes. Louis’ a year older than me, and we’re not very close to be honest, but mum likes to think that we are since he wants his relationship with Louis’ dad to work. I pretend to like Louis because of that.
“Come on! Smile now, Kaya, this is an experience you’ll look back at when you’re in my age.” She continued trying to pep me, “I remember this one time when I was in college,” she laughs, “It’s quite funny actually…”
As my mum told me the story I’d heard six times this week, I put my earphones in and turned volume up. I’d actually rather be on my way to my own funeral right now.

We arrived at campus a few hours later, it was Sunday and last day to check in to get your room and all since classes starts tomorrow. The worst part of this is the roommate thing – you can’t pick your own. Not that it mattered since I knew one person at this school, who was a boy and a year older. As well as a frat dude.
Mum pulled me into a hug when she’d taken my bags out of the car, “I’m going to miss you, babycakes!” She cried into my shoulder, I rolled my eyes but held her a little closer, I would miss her too. But that’s something I’ll keep to myself.
“Yeah, yeah, now leave before I get the rep as a mummy’s girl.” I pulled away and grabbed my bag.
“Make sure Lou behaves, he hasn’t been home all summer and we’re worried back home.” Mum nodded and sat down in the car again. As if I would even give Louis a glance.
“Sure. Bye.” I quickly said and then walked to the main building. Thank god I knew the area because of that weekend me and my friend spent her partying…
I walked over to the reception and fake smiled at the old lady behind it.
“Full name, please.” She asked, still staring at the computer screen.
“Kaya Moore-Tomlinson.” I mumbled the last name, I was forced by mum to have Tomlinson as my last name like her, not that I used it though. I’m just Kaya Moore.
“Tomlinson, you say?” She looked up at me a little worried, I nodded.
“Are you familiar with Louis then?”
I sighed, “Step brother, yeah.” I explained simply and she just tensed her jaw as if she was mad about that or something.
She typed my name down on her computer and then handed me a key, “Room 56.”
I didn’t say anything else and just walked out from the building again to get to the dormitories.
The room was small, smaller than I expected. Two single beds were placed by the walls and a desk between them. Two wardrobes and that was basically it. It sucked. I hated this school and I hated everything.
As I was packing my clothes up, a girl walked into the room speaking to someone on the phone, she noticed me quickly and waved in fascination. She hung up the phone quickly after and looked back at me.
“You’re so pretty! I’m so glad we’re roommates. I’m Alicia!” She squeaked. I guess she could be worse, she could be an emo or a bimbo. She was cute.
“I’m Kaya.” I tried my best to smile and shook her hand.
“So, are you going to the party tonight? It’s a thing!” She asked and sat down on my bed. I shrugged since I hadn’t heard about any party.
“A friend told me about it, you have to come with me okay? It’s with the older students, too.” She winked and went over to her wardrobe and threw clothes on her bed.
A party couldn’t do any harm.
“Sure, I’ll come.”

The party was at a frat house, Alicia was so excited about it she could barely breathe. Some people are way too excited about shit like this.
The house was full of students, some looked older, some looked insecure and some looked as if they thought they we’re the Queen Bee around here.
When we walked inside, the first thing I saw was the three guys holding another dude upside down, doing a keg stand.
I watched as he drank the beer quickly and then was placed back on his feet on the floor. That’s when I noticed – Louis.
He must’ve noticed me too since his smile sunk and just shook his head in disbelief. One of the guys which must’ve been his friend asked Louis something which I wasn’t able to hear due to the loud music, but Louis just answered with a nod and then walked over to me with the three guys after him.
“I’m surprised, you got into college, Kaya!” He teased, he knew I was bad in school. I’m surprised too actually.
“I’m surprised, you haven’t been kicked out yet.” I shrugged and his friends let out a quick laugh.
“Is this your little sister, Tommo?” The one with raven hair asked, Louis gave him a mean glare, “Step sister.”
“You never told us about an attractive sister.” A curly haired boy spoke with a dark and husky voice. And wow – he was hot too. I’d always had a thing for tall boys with muscles. This guy had tattoos on his arms and breast, sharp jawbones and an irresistible smirk. Shit. And because of his looks, I blushed.
The curly haired boys smirk grew bigger and he received a glare from Louis as well, “She’s my sister you dick.”
“Step sister.” I corrected and he let out a simple ‘whatever’ before he dragged the two boys with him into the other room, leaving me with a gasping Alicia behind me.
“You brother,” she started, “is so hot.”
I cringed at the thought of people thinking that Louis was good looking and shook my head, “Definitely not. But his friend though.” I didn’t take my eyes of the tall boy in dark skinny jeans.





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