The Masquerade

It was like a fairytale. Maya went to the yearly ball her father threw around Chistmas. Bored out of her mind she was about to go upstairs when a tall man in a mask grabbed her hand. She let out a gasp but followed him to the dance floor. Who was this mystery man? And would this be the last time she saw him? All she knew was that once the dance started she didnt want to stop.


3. Searching Chapter 3

Caroline's P.O.V

Alright, I'll admit it. I was a little jealious that I didn't get that magical dance that Maya and Emily did. Don't get me wrong though, I was happy for them. More than anything I was just as excited to find out who these guys were.

Since niether of them had gotten the names of the boys it was going to be hard to find them. But then again, Maya did get his number.

I could not wait to see who this guy was. From the sound of it the guy was pretty good looking. If he was good looking he had to have some hot friends, right?

I hoped so. That way this wouldn't be a total loss. What if it was someone famous??? What if it was someone from One Direction? OMG that would be amazing! They are our favorite band ever! But I doubt they had been at the party last night. I don't even think Mr. Ford ( Maya's Dad) knew them.


When I woke up Maya was gone. I wonder where she went…. Maybe she was just getting ready for the day. So I decided she would be back soon and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Maya's P.O.V

It was morning. The three of us had all slept in my room so I knew I was the first awake. It was odd, usually I was the last awake.

I went downstairs for some food where I saw my dad making coffee. Did he know who that guy was last night? I still hadn't texted him.

“Hey, do you know who that guy I was dancing with last night was?” I asked him.

“Which one? You danced with so many people last night.” He replied.

“The one that you watched my entire dance with. You know which one, the blonde one.”

“I don't know what your talking about.”

Ok, this was getting annoying. Why was he acting like he didn't know? Was there something he didn't want me to find out?

“Well I'm going back upstairs now.” I said as I grabbed my bowl of cereal.

What was that about?

When I got back upstairs Caroline and Emily were talking on my bed. “There you are!” Caroline said.

“Yup, just went to go get some breakfast.” I said.

“Well did you text him yet!?!?” Emily asked excitedly.

“No, but I will right now. I can't wait to find out who he is.” I told them.

To: Mystery Masquerade Man

Hey, it's me, Maya. I had a great time last night. Who are you?

As we waited we watched Cinderella. We all thought this fit the situation best.

Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. My phone had a new message. It had to be him. Well, here I go.

From: Mystery Masquerade Man

Hello, sorry I had to leave so fast last night. Also, when are you free? I wanna tell you who I am in person.

Ugh…. We all let out a big sigh of disappointment. I had been looking forward to this so much.

To: Mystery Masquerade Man

How about tonight at six for dinner at Panera?

From: Mystery Masquerade Man

Sounds good. I can't wait for you to see me. :)

No one knew what to do even though we had 8 more hours. I didn't want to go alone though so I made sure to get Caroline to come with me and watch from a different table. That way I would be safe if it was a kidnapper.

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