The Masquerade

It was like a fairytale. Maya went to the yearly ball her father threw around Chistmas. Bored out of her mind she was about to go upstairs when a tall man in a mask grabbed her hand. She let out a gasp but followed him to the dance floor. Who was this mystery man? And would this be the last time she saw him? All she knew was that once the dance started she didnt want to stop.


9. Packing Chapter 8

Maya's P.O.V

When I got home the cops advised that I only spend an hour there. I could only have one suitcase and two bags. Oh, and no personal things. This would be hard.

“You okay? How are you feeling?” Niall asked.

“It's hard and I'm scared. What if they find us? What if they hurt you? What if the boys don't like me!?!” I said nervously.

Niall just chuckled, “You have people trying to kidnap you and you sound more worried about what the boys will think of you.”

“Yes I am now that I kinda have to live with them too!” I said trying not to yell back. I was freaking out so much on the inside.

I had all of the things I wanted packed. Hidden in my bag was a scrap book since I didn't know how long I'd be gone for. i hoped they didn't check my things since it was against the rules.

“Ready?” Niall asked.

“Ready as I'll ever be.” I replied.

Niall said management already knew I was coming. I guess Officer Smith had talked to them. Things would be so different now. I would live and travel with the worlds most popular boy band untill who knows when. I knew Niall would do anything to protect me. When we were at the police station they had said that I would hide for 2 years and if nothing happened I could come back.

As I took one last glance at my house I noticed something. A man was standing on the corner of my house, watching us leave.

I decided not to tell Niall until I absolutly needed to. He didn't need to know this second… did he?

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