The Masquerade

It was like a fairytale. Maya went to the yearly ball her father threw around Chistmas. Bored out of her mind she was about to go upstairs when a tall man in a mask grabbed her hand. She let out a gasp but followed him to the dance floor. Who was this mystery man? And would this be the last time she saw him? All she knew was that once the dance started she didnt want to stop.


8. Looking For Safety Chapter 7

Maya's P.O.V

I'm so happy Niall took me home first. It was FREEZING when you just had a blanket on. Plus, I wanted a little time before seeing the cops. I was a little on edge and was afraid to tell Niall about the gun. Would he be mad I didn't tell him right away? How would he react?

When we got to the house I started crying when I saw the mess that was made. Niall came from behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He whispered in my ear that everything would be okay. I told him to come upstairs with me. I was afraid something might happen, afraid they would come back for me.

When we got to my room Niall sat on my bed. I walked into my walk in closet to get dressed. I put on jeans and a sweatshirt this time. Since I wasn't really trying to impress anyone I decided to dress a little more for winter since it was December.

By the time I came out, Niall was looking at a picture. As I walked over he asked, “Who is this?” He pointed to a man.

I looked and replied, “That was my dad's best friend. They got into some big fight a few years ago. Why?”

“Nevermind.” He said. I could tell something was wrong but I didn't want to bring it up now.

We didn't say a word the entire way to the police station. When we got there it didn't take less than 5 minutes to get help. As soon as we told our story of what just happened, we were taken into another room.

There, I told the police officer, Officer Smith, everythingthat happened. He went through the questions that I guess he asks everyone. Niall was shocked to hear about the gun, he nearly fell over. The thing that shocked us most though was that there was never any recorded call about this. We could tell Officer Smith was interested in that too.

After 30 minutes of the cops deciding what to do, they finally came in with their solution. Niall and I were not too happy with hearing what they said. They wanted me to go into hiding until they found out who tried to kidnap me. Since my father was famous and rich they knew that these people would try to take me again. It could be worse next time to. Niall refused to leave me though, and I refused to leave him. But how will my dad, Caroline and Emily react? I didn't need to worry about a mom because I didn't have one. My mom died when Emily was born.

Being as smart as he is, Niall found another option. He offered to take me in. When Officer Smith started to object, Niall said he would make sure I would stayed out of the press and he reminded him that he already has 5 bodygaurds for himself he can use to protect me. After 30 minutes of back and forth debating, Officer Smith finally said it was ok. It was time to leave this life behind.

Looks like I would be living with Niall now. Should I be happy or concerned now? What if I was just going to get in the way? Worse, what if the bad guys found me and hurt him? What would I do……

Officer Smith came in with a box. It had my fake I.D, passport, birth certificate and every other fake thing I would need. So technically I was still going into hiding but I would get to be with one person from my past life. My new name was Emma Bulger. To make me less recognizable my hair was dyed black. I kind of liked my hair because it brought out my bright blue eyes.

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