The Masquerade

It was like a fairytale. Maya went to the yearly ball her father threw around Chistmas. Bored out of her mind she was about to go upstairs when a tall man in a mask grabbed her hand. She let out a gasp but followed him to the dance floor. Who was this mystery man? And would this be the last time she saw him? All she knew was that once the dance started she didnt want to stop.


2. Don't You Dare Chapter 2

Maya's Dad's P.O.V

They looked gorgeous coming down the stairs. I was a little concerned on who Maya and Emily would meet though. Being a billionaire did have it's perks, like throwing this magnificent masquerdade every year. I knew everyone coming but still, some of them I wish she wouldn't meet.

Some of the people I thought were dangerous for her and her sister.


The night was going perfectly. Maya and Emily hadn't met them and the night was almost over. Emily was out dancing with who I thought was Seth Comsack. Nice kid. Maya was over by the punch bowl and looked bored. I was going to go over when Mr. Wallingford came up to me.

We were in a deep conversation for awhile. Finally, when the conversation slowed down I looked around the room.

Oh no. God no. This could not be happening. I was in shock. Maya was with one of them. They were dancing and talking.

I couldn't see his face but I knew it was one of those 5 boys. Those troublemakers. I glared across the room at them, acting like i was still talking to Mr. Wallingford.

Maya looked over and saw me. But she didn't care. I couldn't believe this.

All I hoped was that she didn't know who he was. If Maya found out it could be dangerous. It could ruin her reputation.

If the media found out…. Oh no! That would be the worst.

It just got worse. Emily found another. From the looks of the curls, I knew it was Harry. He was the worst out of all five.

I needed to make sure that none of them ever saw eachother again. As long as Emily and Maya didn't know their names it would be ok.

Then the clock struck twelve.

He ran away thank God! Oh no, not again.

Maya ran after him asking what his name was. Oh good, she didn't know.

From the looks of it Emily didn't know either. She just stood there. Staring after him as he left.

I hoped it would stay that way.

A little bit after that I went over to Maya and Emily and told them to go get ready for bed.

They both agreed, Maya just had to go find Caroline.

Maya's P.O.V

After I found Caroline we all went upstairs to my room after we changed into our pajamas. When I was getting changed I realized something.

The mystery man had pressed something into my hand.

It was a piece of paper. It had a phone number on it. Automatically I entered it into my phone as “ Mystery Masquerade Man”. I decided to wait until morning to text him.

As we all talked in my room I realized Emily had a similar experiance. Just no number. I could tell Caroline was upset she didn't get that experiance so I tried to drop the subject.

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