A Match Made in English

So much can happen in less than a week...

Melissa Abigail has the life of every teenage girl's dreams. She is popular, smart, beautiful, and has all the money in the world. One day, everything she has ever worked for goes down the drain. She finds out that her father is an alcohol addict, her middle school crush likes her best friend, and worst of all, she is partnered up with the obnoxious, narcissistic, school flirt, Wesley for an English assignment. Will her father ever get over the hardship, will she ever gather enough courage to
confront to her crush, and most importantly, will this English partnership turn out to be something a little more? Read on to find out.

Everything is about to change...


2. Part two of Chapter 1

     When I walked into Mike's house, the first thing that hit me was the pungent smell of beer and something that seemed distinctly similar to a skunk. The house was already trashed with wine bottles and crushed cans seeming to create a twisted work of art throughout the house. Music blared loudly through two hefty metallic speakers near the back of the room and people were everywhere making it nearly impossible to move.

     When we finally made it to a table piled high with food and drinks Lily said, "Okay, we will spend one hour hanging out and mingling with new people then half an hour dancing. If we have time we could---"

     "Lily," I said, cutting her off mid-sentence even if it was not the nicest thing to do, but know her she would have kept babbling on and on forever. "Would you just chill, everything is going to be fine."

     "Chill, you want me to chill? Gosh Melissa how can you be so calm when we're at a party full of seniors? Does my hair look okay? How's my make-up? What should I do if----"

     "Lily," I said though she didn't seem to hear me as she continued to babble on and on. "Lily," I said again, louder this time shutting her right up. "Will you just calm down for once in your life? Life's too short for you to constantly worry about the possibility of failure okay?"

     She seemed to consider this for a moment then smiled, "You know what? You're right Melissa. Wow, I never thought that you would be the one giving me life lessons but I guess I was wrong, my bad."

     I huffed. "Don't judge a girl by her cover. Sometimes I just like to hide my inner brilliance with my outer beauty," I exclaimed with a flip of my hair.

     To that, she laughed. Suddenly, out of no where, a guy appeared and bumped right into her causing Lily's happiness to disperse all together replaced instantly by immediate anger. "Hey watch it, you could've-----" she shouted annoyingly as she turned around but was cut short as soon as she laid eyes on him. He had buzzed cut sandy blonde hair, eyes that were chocolaty brown, and looked just as vulnerable as Lily if not more. He had a toned body, fit from sports I assumed and looked totally hot, model material.

     "I-I-I," he stammered looking terrified like a deer caught by the headlights, "I am so sorry. You see, I didn't see you there; not that you're invisible or not pretty or anything, I mean you are seriously pretty like a sugar plum princess or an angel or something. When I first saw you, I thought you were an----, never mind. I just wasn't looking and, you know, bumped into you, then I was just like... oh my God, sorry, I'm babbling again," He looked down at the ground turning a brilliant shade of red clearly embarrassed by his "wonderful speech." (Hence the sarcasm.)

     To everyone's surprise Lily burst into a fit of giggles. "You're so cute," she said in between fits of laughter, "now tell me, what is your name?"

     "Alex." He said staring down at his shoes seeming to be fascinated by them.

     "Well, Alex," Lily cooed, "do you want to dance or what?" To that, Alex looked up and smiled giving us all a glimpse of his astoundingly white teeth.

    "I would love to dance," he said walking over to the dance floor wearing a fine new coat of confidence with Lily trailing behind him neither of them bothering to sneak me a second glance. I sighed; it seems I was in for a long and lonely night. 




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