A Match Made in English

So much can happen in less than a week...

Melissa Abigail has the life of every teenage girl's dreams. She is popular, smart, beautiful, and has all the money in the world. One day, everything she has ever worked for goes down the drain. She finds out that her father is an alcohol addict, her middle school crush likes her best friend, and worst of all, she is partnered up with the obnoxious, narcissistic, school flirt, Wesley for an English assignment. Will her father ever get over the hardship, will she ever gather enough courage to
confront to her crush, and most importantly, will this English partnership turn out to be something a little more? Read on to find out.

Everything is about to change...


1. Part one of Chapter 1

     "Hurry up Melissa, we don't have all day!" A voice from the other side of the door said followed by numerous thuds and stomps.

     "I'm coming! Jeez, it's just a freaking party for heaven's sake. Besides, cool people never arrive on time, I believe it's called being fashionably late; ever heard of it?"

     "Heard of it, but never believed in it. Melissa, if you don't hurry up and drag your lazy ass out here this instance I'm going to be very pissed off.  We're not going to make it to the party until it's over. You hear me? Over. And for another  thing...." I cranked up the volume of my stereo drowning out the rest of Lily's words.

      Lily and I have been best friends since fourth grade when we were paired up to do an art assignment together. Ever since then it has never been just  Lily or just Melissa, it was always Lily and Melissa. Despite our lasting friendship, we were complete, total opposites. Lily was a brunette with long gorgeous curls that rested gently and obediently just below her waist. Speckles of gold dust dotted her face, arms, and legs. She had big, grey, doe-like eyes that were filled with emotions and looked tiny and frail with a height of five foot four making her seem like a sugarplum princess. I on the other hand was a freaking six foot two with ruler straight, dirty blonde hair that sat on my shoulders and electric blue eyes that, I swear it I tried hard enough, could possibly kill someone.

     Lily had always been the wise, plan ahead type of girl while I just went with the flow. We were like peanut butter and jelly, complete opposites that brought out the best of each other when put together.

     I sighed as I put on my slinky, black sequined dress that reached just below my thighs. It clung to my waist showing off my toned figure and crossed over at  my collarbone and over my shoulder blades. I then did some final touch ups on my make-up trying to make myself look mature. When I was happy with the way I looked I grabbed my purse, slipped on a pair of black flats and turned off the stereo. To my surprise, Lily was still pounding and shouting loudly like an insane lumberjack.

   I chuckled quietly to myself as I quickly swung the door open catching her in the middle of a sentence. She muttered something about me having time management problems then fell silent. Giving her my warmest smile, I said with enthusiasm, "Let's go."

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