Adopted By Harry Styles

July has lived in an orphaning every since she could reamber. All she ever wanted was to find a family that would love her for her. What happens when a man shows up at her orphanage looking for a little girl to adopt and take her home? Will July get her dream come true? Or will he never get to meet her?


4. My new home

July's pov:

I had just said good bye to all my friends and was now siting in the back of the car of my new family. I was so happy when I found out that my daddy was famous! I  couldn't wait to get to meat the rest of the band. I was siting in the back seat day dreaming about what my new life would be like when daddy started to talk. He wasn't talking to me but I still listened in.

*Harry's convo*

Harry: Yea I just picked her up. Why?

Person: Can we meat her Harry?

Harry: Wait till she gets settled in Niall

Niall: Okay should I tell the rest of the lads or wait?

Harry: Well who knows besides you?

Niall: Liam

Harry: Wait what how does Liam know?!

Niall: He's standing in the room with me and your on speaker lol

Harry: Fine you and Liam can come and see her later today. Ill have Louis and Zayn come over tomorrow depending on your visit and

I heard what sounded like a another voice in the back round answering his question. Then daddy laughed and hung up on Niall. I watched as daddy turned to mommy. I saw she was exited when daddy when whispered something in her ear. She turned to me and said, "Sweetie your having a special guest come over today." I was so happy because I knew who it was going to be.

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