Adopted By Harry Styles

July has lived in an orphaning every since she could reamber. All she ever wanted was to find a family that would love her for her. What happens when a man shows up at her orphanage looking for a little girl to adopt and take her home? Will July get her dream come true? Or will he never get to meet her?


5. Meeting Uncle Niall and Liam

July's pov:

We had just got home and daddy showed me my room now. I was up stairs punting my little belongs away when I heard some one down stairs. I ran down stairs to see who it was. Omg its Niall Horan and Liam Payne!!!! Niall turned around and yelled, "THEIR SHE IS!!!" He ran over to me and picked me up twirling me around in the air. I was laughing like crazy as he spun me around.

Then when he put me down Liam picked me up and tickled me I never knew that having a family could be this much fun. I looked over at my new dad and said, "Thank you." He smiled at me and then walked away with Niall into another room. My new mommy took my hand after Liam put me down and walked me out of the house.

I looked up at her and said, "Mommy where are we going?" She smiled at me and said, "Where going to go and bye you some cloths." I smiled at her and started to skip. This made her laugh and me want to do this even more.

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